Cohorts One Way Forcing Deck

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Beginners call it a trick deck. Pros call it their secret weapon.

A one-way force deck is the difference between a normal card trick and a miracle that just happens to use cards.

NOTE: Your purchase will be a random one-way deck. You won't be able to choose the exact cards you get.

Sale price$9.97
Color: Red

The Forcing Deck is an extremely valuable resource. It can even be used for a comedy routine.

Imagine performing an effect where you will predict what card someone chooses, but as you fan the cards so that they only see the backs, their friends can see the faces, and suddenly they are all in on the trick. This is audience participation at it's best.

It is often under-utilized and overlooked by most. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. The one-way deck consists of the exact same card repeated 52 times in the deck.

Note: You DO NOT get a choice of which card you want your deck to be made from. No requests please.

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Tangredi

Excellent quality. Exactly what I was looking for.

Mitchell Jones
Red cohorts one way forcing deck

Great cards and can't wait to use this special deck for great tricks!

Good quality playing cards

Essential part of my card magic tool kit. Highly recommend.

Tim Thompson
1Way to Fooling

Finally something useful for this deck! The Cohorts need a few more Gaff decks but this was certainly a great start. Now they need to bring out some for the Blue/White.
Just wish they added more ‘variety’ when you order a few. I got a clump of nothing but spades. Mix it up better E.


I think I’m missing the magnet that goes with this item. Not sure what to do