Devils Peek

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This is a real worker. No more crazy peek devices, impression pads or special pens. Just someone's thought.

A business card is chosen from a stack, and a spectator writes down a name, shape, number - anything on the back of the card, out of view of the magician.

The card is then inserted into an envelope - and can be held by the spectator. With no folds, tears, devices or gimmicks, you've already divined their thought using the devil's peek.

From Nathan Kranzo's 'Boondock Mental', Devil's Peek is a best-kept secret, direct from a real performer's working repertoire.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel ROWAN
Devil's Peek

I think this is an excellent peek technique. All the "moves" are justified. This is the best $5.00 I ever spent on magic. The envelopes and billets are normal and completely examinable. 5 Stars

Jay Jennings
Clever... and Simple

I've purchased many different peek methods over the years and most of them cost way the heck more than this. But for one reason or another, none of them ever "felt" right for me. At this low price I figured I'd check this one out -- and I believe it's the one I'll use the most! My favorite peek (still) is Acidus Novus, but when I want a FULL BILLET PEEK this is going to be my go-to method. The tutorial is only about 12 minutes long, but there's no filler or chit-chat. Just straight, to the point info on how the peek works. All the moves are justified. Like many peeks, angles from behind you would be a problem, but you can hold the items closer to you to cut off some of the angles. You'll also need some small envelopes, typically sold in the US as #1 coin envelopes.(Pretty sure you could use the next size up, #3, easily.)

Samuel C Alfaro
Freaking Awesome

The trick is simple, but packs a major punch: with some presentation skills and a little practice the people you perform this for are absolutely going to be blown away…

matthew pellen

One of the best and cleanest peeks out there, almost impossible to spot by anyone except a master magician. Highly recommended for the ability to hand out afterwards, fully inspectable and fluent. Brilliant.

ryan hopson

Its not to shabby, I thought it would be more, but the easy stuff hits the hardest .