False Messiah Vanish

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A coin is pushed from the fingertips of one hand into the palm of the other. The fist is closed and the back of the hand rubbed. Immediately both hands can be shown empty - the coin has vanished.

The False Messiah vanish is a kind of homage to Jay Sankey's 'Messiah Vanish' - however it contains a twist that allows the hands to be shown clean after the coin vanishes. This is a simple, pleasing effect that will turn any card man to coins.

If you're not a coin trick type of person, take the time to download this - free - and see if Justin Miller can't change your mind.

Customer Reviews

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Marco Frey
Simple and Easy to Add to Any Coin Routine

I already do Jay Sankey's Messiah vanish and this adds a dash of variety that ends clean. In fact I often do the False Messiah first to set up expectations and then break them with the real Messiah vanish. I also found this vanish can segway into balance palm if you'd like for a production. What you see here is what you get, a very casual vanish with some humor. What you do with it is up to you.

Gaviel Rodriguez

Quick and easy to learn.

Should be considered a standard vanish/sleight in all magician's repertoire.

gary roe

Taking coin manipulation to a new level and the ellusionist staff is leading the way

Abraham Sanchez

I would be crazy to brew critical of a free download by someone as talented as JM, so I will simply say it's fun, it's easy, it's free.

Piyush Upadhyay

looks Great!Easy to learn and the greatest thing is that it is free!!

William Chow

free download from JM, what isnt there to like? cool move to add to your coin sleights and vanish techniques

Benny Wen

It's free so why not pick it up and see if you can learn anything new from it. Personally, I am not a fan of this. But it's free so I won't complain as much haha.

Matthew Whittaker

Not a fan of this one. The method is good, but the handeling is just awkward on it. There are other versions similar (Which he does mention). However, the other versions cost money and they are giving BC members this one at no cost! Thanks E


I will be honest, I don't really like it and I wouldn't recommend it, the move gets you in a weird finger position that you would normally wouldn't do. It is really cheap so you are not feeling like you wasted your money but it's not something that you can use in a real life scenario