Flap 2.0

Learn Hondo's new, easier method for creating seamless flap cards. This instant access download will teach you how to create flap gimmicks that are 40% thinner than ever before.

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Hondo's New Method

Create Seamless Flap Cards the Easy Way
Now 40% Thinner

Flap 2.0:

  • Much easier to build
  • 40% thinner
  • Lets you create multiple change gimmicks

Better than ever:

  • Flap 2.0 gimmicks are seamless
  • Perform Hands off... Hondo will teach you his bidirectional locking system
  • 2 hours of every secret Hondo has ever discovered on creating Flap cards

In 2016, Ellusionist partnered with Hondo Chen to release his method for creating seamless flap cards.

This best-selling download created a genre of magic all on its own. Especially for TV-quality visuals across social media.

Hondo is the worlds' leading authority on the creation of flap cards.

This is more than an instant access tutorial, this is a step by step, repeatable masterclass that will allow you to create the color changes you dream of.

In over 2 hours of entertaining instructions, you'll learn every gimmick-creation secret Hondo has ever discovered... no stone left unturned.

Flap 2.0 is available to download and learn INSTANTLY.

Learn the method NOW.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
William Cummings
Amazing tutorial

This is definitely a 100% upgrade from the original hondo flap. The tutorial is easy to follow and very detailed. If you like flaps then you definitely need to get this.

Moritz Dalbeck
The best way to make flap cards

Hondo teaches the best way to make flap cards not only that but he reveals every secret that he knows and I think if you do card magic that knowledge is very valuable.

Austin Hogan
Flap 2.0

Hondo has made learning the process super easy, step by step instructions and a material list with links to the exact products he uses. So many possible tricks to do with flaps.

Great tutorial

Great tutorial from the master himself! Great Buy

Paul Rainey
Love it

I'm glad I picked this up. Color changes are probably my favorite trick and making your own is more satisfying then simple slight of hand

Nikola Pelletier
A must have !

If you want to explore a whole new world in card magic and have a real magic feeling performing things you DIY, it is the DL you need !
In this video, you will find everything you need to build your own flap cards, and much much more… each detail, offered by Hondo, the worldwide specialist, is explained, and if followed, will give you incredible visual effects.

Ludovic Liccia
Awesome !!

This tutorial is a must seen. Everything is explain in details. I totally recommend it.

Scott Peckham
Flap 2.0

This is a great tutorial of how to make a flap card. It is improved from the first tutorial which was also very good. Hondo speaks in his native tongue so there are subtitles but watching the tutorial makes it easy to follow. The video is 2:00:12, it explains everything you need to know about the flap card. The beginning shows all the tools you need and how to get them from his site, or you can just use your own. Most people ordering this video probably have everything they need anyway. I recommend this for anyone wanting to know all there is to know about the flap card.


best thing I've ever bought this year. very easy to do.

Stephen Eads
Best flap card of ALL-TIME… This could never be improved upon!

Card flap 2.0 is the best flap card there is and will ever be… It’s so good there’s no way it could ever be improved upon! Hondo not only gives you instructions to every variant known to mankind, but every possible way to make the gimmick. The amount of knowledge you get in the tutorial is just ridiculous, it covers literally every detail and although it only has English subtitles, you won’t have a problem following along at all. NOW, THAT BEING SAID, if you don’t already have some of the tools needed then be prepared to spend another $80-$150 on top of the download price (which is worth every penny). If you want everything that he recommends, including shipping it costed me $150 plus the price of the download, a couple tools are optional and Most ppl will already have some of these things laying around, if so, I’d say you’ll only have to spend another $80 or so. If you have all the right tools you’ll be able to craft a flap card that’s worth every bit of $25 PER, and you’ll be able to make them whenever you want, and for that I think the price of all the extras is more than justified.