How to do Miracle Card Tricks

Pete McKinnon & Adam Wilber
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In 2001, Brad Christian’s ‘How to Do Street Magic’ exploded onto the scene and inspired thousands, beginning a new realm of real world magic that anyone can do.

Nearly 15 years later, Miracle is set to do it all over again.

This is a DVD for those new to magic, arming them with the weapons and training to perform dazzling magic and OWN the ROOM at a moment’s notice.

Filled with easy to follow, idiotproof teaching of sleight of hand with cards, Miracle Card Tricks is a tour of the fundamentals required to perform miracles of card magic with a deck of 52 cards.

Peter McKinnon and Adam Wilber lay the groundwork to make you a STAR of card magic. Walk into a room, pull out any deck of cards and make jaws drop to the floor.

A veritable encyclopedia of card magic, How to do Miracle Card Tricks equips the beginner with everything they need to build a solid foundation in card magic.

Featuring over 40 card handling techniques, and 5 simple but effective miracle card routines, this DVD will serve as your VIP pass into the world of magic.

Each technique is broken down by Adam and Peter in a super easy-to-follow manner, ensuring you master each and every sleight, flourish and routine before moving onto the next.

On the Video

Mechanic's Grip.
Biddle Grip.
Overhand Grip.
Straight Cut.
Double Undercut.
Swivel Cut.
Holding a Break.
Push Over Get Ready.
Riffle Get Ready.
Pinky Count.
Double Lift.
Triple Lift.
Overhand Shuffle.
Hindu Shuffle.
Riffle Shuffle.
Faro Shuffle.

False Cuts & Shuffles
False Table Cut.
In the Hands False Cut.
False Overhand Shuffle.
Zarrow Shuffle.
Push Through Shuffle.
Double Undercut Control.
Overhand Shuffle Control.
Classic Pass.
Flip Flop Control.
Table Cut Control.
Convincing Control.

Color Changes
ShapeShifter Change.
Snap Change.
Paintbrush Change.
Side Steal Change.
Erdnase Change.
One Handed Top Palm.
Side Steal Palm.
Center Steal Palm.
Gamblers Cop.

Card Spring.
Pressure Fan.
Charlier Cut.
Le Paul Spread.
Butterfly Cut.
Breakdown Flourish.

Routines: Second Choice. Dr Daleys Last Trick. Waving the Aces. Two Card Monte. Ambitious Card

Split over 2 DVD Downloads, ‘Disc 1’ is packed with all the basics, sleights and flourishes you need to firmly ground yourself in the performance of card magic, allowing you to seamlessly move onto the routines taught on 'Disc 2' - or even more advanced material - be it through the Crash Course and Ninja DVD series, or any of our card magic instant downloads.

You’ve got to walk before you can run - but with Adam Wilber and Peter McKinnon as your teachers, you’ll be confidently taking those first steps minutes after watching.

Download it. Learn it. Perform Miracles.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 3 Hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I am just getting back into card tricks after 3 years out with a hand problem (hopefully touch wood the issue is cured), and WOW!, This is like the New Testament of the Royal Road to Card Magic DVD i have with Paul Wilson which is now the Old Testament. These are my Bible ' Old Vs New '. The Material is quick, snappy and to the point, brief explanation of the the sleights and encourages you to further more info on each move. Luckily for me I have purchased downloads from Ellusionist as well as UK based sites a few years ago, so this was just refreshing. Love it!


I bought this DVD about a year ago now, and came across it again while browsing on E, and thought I'd put a quick review on it. Just to assure you, this is a very good beginner training DVD. I found Adam and Peter explained everything really well, and if your a beginner ready for a good start in card magic buy this DVD and you will love it.


Clearly learnt me all of the basics and good card tricks. All you can expecte as a new magician is here even a bit of cardistry. the only cons i can find is one trick over all the 3 hours of video is not as clear as the other.


A great heap of information to get you started or to hone your basic skills as a magician. Must get! The only reason why this is not 5 stars is due to the simple fact that 'to teach' requires more effort and I felt like the 'passion to teach' was not 100% felt throughout this project.


Good product for new card magician. They give you a basic overview of many card sleight. It is a very fluid serie of many moves but, they do not go in depth on any of them, so sometimes, to improve your move, you got to go find info somewhere else. It would also be easier to see how to do the move with multiple camera angles instead of just the front one. Overall, pretty good intro to card sleights. Best part of the DVD is the live performances at the end.


This was a great product, and I, as a beginner, benefited tons from this DVD. The product doesn't mention a 6th routine, the Backup Plan, and I think it was great when I found I had a 6th. But they are definitely right when they say this is just a beginner's guide, as they only touch on some sleights when they could have gone into more detail. However, they did explain the entire move, leaving me to practice to my heart's content. And my heart is very contented with this DVD. It's chock full of everything you will need to get started in magic.


really good instruction. I find that Peter McKinnon is a better instructor than Adam Wilber. I was a little disappointed that Adam's Backup Plan routine was hard to follow on phase 2.


Absolutely fantastic video. Getting back into card magic after 20 years and this has been a great help. Every thing has been explained very well. My only suggestion would be to pick up a deck to go along with it. I started just using a deck of Ryder Backs from a local store and some of the techniques were difficult to get the feel for. I switched to the Fathom deck and they became easier for learning and getting the hang of deck manipulation.


This is a unique opportunity to learn from the experts. Get this DVD, you will not be disappointed. I'm more than happy with the money spent on this 2 DVD set.

Stop spending time searching for free internet "tutorials" that only teach you bad habits. With this purchase you can disconnect from the internet and use the time practicing and learning from professionals.

Adam and Peter have a complementary style of teaching compared to Brad. They teach you fundamentals, encourage you to make the routines your own and further prompt you to research more professional material.

This purchase has given me at least 18 months of material to learn, practice, perfect and perform. A big thanks to Adam and Peter!


I am new to card magic. With that in mind, this is an amazing video. The progression of techniques and the manner of instruction combine for a program that is direct and user friendly. I've been through the first disc half a dozen times, and have already seen progress by practicing the techniques. Excellent job, and thanks for the recommendation.

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