With a simple swipe, HYDRA steals the spectator's (absolutely) free choice and creates a prediction on your real Facebook or Instagram profile... in 5 seconds flat. 

Real predictions that your audience can view on their phone. You never ever touch it. 

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3 exciting ways to get a peek with HYDRA.

Hydra Upgrade 2


#1 - PeekSmith 3 integration

If you bought a peeksmith 3 device, this app upgrade will allow you to get a peek of whatever they type into Google or YouTube.

That means, by the time they’ve done their search, you not only know exactly what they searched for - but the HYDRA app has already placed the prediction LIVE on your social media. Without you ever touching the phone.

#2 - Apple Watch Peek

Customers have been asking for this for a long time and it’s finally available.

The most popular watch on the planet is the Apple Watch, so if you’re looking to go incognito as a mind reader, this is a tool you can’t leave home without.

App upgrade 2 now unlocks Apple Watch peek notifications, so with a quick glance at your watch, you know exactly what they searched for.

#3 - The Audio Peek

Wearing AirPods or headphones? The audio peek allows you to secretly HEAR the peek.

HYDRA will read it to you and repeat it as many times as needed.

This is ultra fooling for casual performances, as often, people leave AirPods in, even if nothing is playing.

And on stage, if you’re wearing an earpiece it makes the peek completely hands off - and can’t be retraced.

This is our favorite new feature of app upgrade 2.


Note: this new peek functionality does not work if you are using Wikipedia screens within hydra as your input.


You can still use wikitest and HYDRA will work at placing the word on your socials, but peeks can’t be done from the Wikipedia input.





By purchasing this upgrade, it will allow you to perform HYDRA on your spectator's phone. 

You NEVER take your phone out of your pocket. 

Fulfilling the promise of constant innovation and development, HYDRA creator, Shameer, has just dropped his latest unlockable upgrade. 

For those who already own CIPHER PRO, WIKITEST, INJECT, or ELIPS (These 4 apps can be purchased separately from the app store), you'll be able to purchase (from the dropdown above) a special code that integrates HYDRA with those 4 powerhouse apps. 

This enables you to perform MORE deceptive & cleaner effects - using HYDRA.


Hydra Upgrade 1


Effect #1 - CIPHER PRO Integration

With the phone in their hand, you can have a spectator's star sign or pin code appear in your Instagram Bio or Facebook timeline. 

Cipher Pro secretly mines their pin code, star sign etc for you to peek and reveal - but with this HYDRA integration, you can have that information automatically put into your real Instagram bio without EVER taking the phone back. 

It's a hands-off miracle to end all miracles. 


Effect #2 - Inject Integration 

Now your spectator can legitimately search for anything on Google, using their own phone and you can have it appear in your Instagram Bio or Facebook timeline. 

From the moment they start typing, to the moment it's revealed (also on their phone) - you touch nothing

Effect #3 - Stranger Pro Integration

Perform a ridiculously clean Acaan using Stranger Pro.
You might know Stranger as the wizard calling effect, but you can now use stranger pro to send numbers, playing cards or anything to Instagram with this upgrade. 
Jonathan Levit, the creator of Stranger used this upgrade to close his continuous 26 shows in Magic Castle.


Effect #4 - Wikitest Integration

We all love WIKITEST, even David Blaine has used it on his TV specials. 

With HYDRA's Upgrade #1 you'll be able to link the two apps to reveal the chosen word in your Instagram Bio or Facebook timeline. 

Your spectator chooses a word from Wikipedia and can then view that word, predicted far ahead of time on your own social media. A guaranteed 'follow'. 


You need the WikiTest Pro tools to use Wikitest integration.


Effect #5 - ELIPS Integration

You guessed it. Have any word from the lyric of any song appear as a prediction in your Instagram Bio or Facebook timeline. 

For those using ELIPS, you'll understand the power of a no-force revelation of any word from any song lyric in existence. 

If you're already using that app, with this new upgrade, you'll be able to reveal that word as a pre-written prediction, made days before you ever met your spectator. The best part? It happens on their phone. 


NOTE: You must own the original HYDRA app first & Cipher Pro, Wikitest, ELIPS, Inject or the Stranger to enjoy this upgrade. Purchase the upgrade from the dropdown above. 

HYDRA is a modern multitool for perfect prophecies. Your spectator chooses any word, celebrity, playing card... Literally ANYTHING. No forces. 

With a simple swipe, HYDRA steals the spectator's (absolutely) free choice and creates a prediction on your real Facebook or Instagram profile... in 5 seconds flat*. 

When they look you up on Facebook or Instagram, using their own phone, they'll see you predicted EXACTLY what they thought of. 

HYDRA is one of the most advanced prediction tools we've ever seen.  It solves the problem of your audience assuming your phone is doing something suspicious, or that it's a fake app... because it's their phone the prediction is revealed on. 

Not only that, it can be verified by everyone and anyone who checks... It's really there.

  • Fully customizable.
  • Create your own templates.
  • Multiple input methods. 
  • Hands-off revelations.
  • No pre-show or forces. 
  • No fake social apps. 



This allows you to have one of the cleanest looking performances for any app-based effect. You don't have to type, turn your back, or 'milk' the phone towards you. 

Swipe. Lock. Done. Put it in your pocket. The rest is presentation. 

*ADDED BONUS* Because the prediction is revealed on your spectator's phone, you can now ask your audiences to follow you and increase your fan base while performing. It's a double-whammy. 

Hydra is so versatile, it can be performed in-person or over Zoom. Here are some performances from Perseus Arkomanis, JT Chalatsis, Nevin Sanchez, and the creator: Shameer Salim. 

With HYDRA, you can perform 1-on-1, using your own phone as the input device, or you can use a secret assistant to input the information for you. Your call, you have options. 

Ellusionist first connected with expert app-designer, Shameer Salim, to completely overhaul our beloved Cipher, Tempus, Predictagram & Picasso Pro apps.

The guy is a genius and doesn’t slouch with his code. The end result is an app you can rely on - and one that is far superior to anything we’d ever created before. 

Bug fixes, updates, and new features are baked into the price of HYDRA. Shameer will be on hand to provide support and development every step of the way. 

*The quote of '5 seconds flat' relates to testing on Instagram. Facebook can take up to 8 seconds according to the creator. 



“Changing the bio on Instagram is an effect originally conceived and developed by Marc Kerstein and released as “BioSwap.” When I reached out to Marc and explained the similarities and differences between Hydra and BioSwap, he graciously understood and gave me a go-ahead.” - Shameer Salim

Ellusionist would also like to thank Marc Kerstein for his permission to release HYDRA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Stan Dart
Wonderful routines using a great utility

I strongly recommend this as it adds unbelievable possibilities to your mentalism routines.


Great app with a lot of possibiltes. If you want go further, try it in combination with other supported apps like Inject.

Drew Worsham
Love this app

I don’t normally use apps but I love the premise behind this one and I love how sure fire it is. Not to mention that it drives people to your social media page. I use it in every show.

Ruby Alira

I recently purchased hydra and it’s the first magic app I’ve used. It was super easy to download and set up and customise to perform. So far I’ve been performing two different effects with it, and getting the best reactions! I particularly love how customisable it is and it’s really only limited by your creativity. I 100% recommend but also kinda wish there was a limit on how many are sold

Nihal Mohammed
Hydra review

App works very nice! Perfect prediction to show up in bio! Use it with inject and it works like a charm

Gurvinder Singh
An Amazing & Fabulous App

Hi, I am from Delhi (India). I bought Hydra App just few days before at 50% discount from Ellusionist. Its my 1st purchase from Ellusionist. Hydra is an amazing & fabulous app. It’s very easy to set up, easy to do. It's a must have app for each magician. Hydra app does the job as it’s describe in its description “Steals the spectator's (absolutely) free choice and creates a prediction on your real Facebook or Instagram profile... in 5 seconds flat.”
Highly recommended

Eddy Do Rosario
Hydra, a tool that inspire!

More than an app! A tool where I can be inspired an inspire other people, truly awesome!!!

mobin ahmad

Just superb app with a lot of great features

Chris Poths

You have to pick this up.
It’s simple
It’s easy
and it will blow everyone’s mind.

Thats all you have to know. That’s why we do what we do. It’s to blown someone mind

Stephen McQueen
Amazing app! That’s so versatile!

So where do I start! This is such a great utility device as opposed to it just being an app. This has been so well thought out and completely blows any of the previous apps that have came before it out of the water! I mainly use it for a finally to a dice routine and I get the whole table to bring up my Instagram and then I get a few follows. This surprisingly adds up. People are blown away because they have no idea that you can manipulate social media. The price is very reasonable compared to the miracles you get out of it!