No math. No memory work. No sleights. 

ICEBERG allows you to do a super easy, super clean ACAAN. 

iPhone only. Sorry Android :(

Sale price$50.00

“Shameer took an already strong ACAAN and not only improved it by eliminating all the memory work, but also loaded it with so many fantastic and clever input methods! What more could you ask for?”

- David Jonathan

"So good!"

- Spidey 


ICEBERG is an app for iOS (iPhones) that allows for the cleanest & easiest ACAAN we've ever seen. 

It requires: 

  • No Math 
  • No Memory Work 
  • No Sleight-of-hand 

To do this effect you just need the app & the ability to deal cards one-by-one. 

You don't need to know any stacks... They're all built into the app.  


ICEBERG has multiple stacks pre-built into the app. Including: 

  • Mnemonica
  • Si Stebbins
  • Breakthrough 
  • Redford 
  • Aronson 
  • & New Deck Order 

If you think you don't know a stack, you do.

New Deck Order is a stack. So you'll be able to open a fresh deck and perform ICEBERG after just one, simple cut. 



Not every magician likes every method, or not every method works in every situation. 

That's why ICEBERG has options to suit every style & every situation. 

Built into the app are 5 input methods.

  • Notes
  • Voice
  • Swipe
  • Manual Entry 
  • Covert Camera Mode 

PLUS... With Covert Camera Mode, you get to do the dirty work right under their nose, while also getting a video of their reaction to the magic. Win-win. 



When you ask a stranger for a random number, they always wonder if they've been influenced.

So Team E's own Geraint Clarke added a feature to ICEBERG. A fake 'random number generator' that generates random numbers ONLY within the window that the method allows. 

So if they can only choose a number between 10 and 22, it will display 1 to 52, but only give them 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20- at random. 

It looks like the legit Google random number generator, but works with you to force a random number, no matter how many times they click generate. 

With this, you can be in total control of the numbers you need to hit. 



Included in ICEBERG is the functionality to get your peek via your Apple Watch. 

So you can look as hands-off and free as possible. 




Does ICEBERG work on Android? 

Sorry, it doesn't. It's only available for iPhones (iOS) at this moment.


But hasn't digital magic 'jumped the shark'?

In a recent blog post, we wrote about the "technology in, technology out" technique to hide digital methods. 

ICEBERG follows that beautifully. You secretly use the app for the input, but the reveal happens in an analogue way, with a normal deck of cards. 

As we wrote in that post...

"Using technology in this way helps to mask methods and make the magic & mentalism more impressive." 

And we're happy to see ICEBERG absolutely nailing that philosophy. 


Will the app be updated? 

As you know from Shameer's apps in the past, he offers an incredible amount of support & optimization. 

If any bugs should arise, Shameer is dedicated to fixing those and making sure the app is useable for all buyers.


Is there a subscription fee? 

No, this is just a one-off fee for this app. 


Isn't this just ICE COLD ACAAN? 

ICEBERG was created as a nod to ICE COLD ACAAN. Hence the name.

Shameer and Ellusionist want to give credit to the work of Barry Richardson & Mitchell Kettlewell for their work on that ACAAN. 

Shameer's app is to be used in conjunction with their methods to eliminate any memory, math or stack work. ICEBERG and ICE COLD ACAAN go hand in hand. 

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Great again

shameer is doing it again. who releases a great app. very easy to use. and very solid. the app does what it's supposed to do.