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The traditional Card in Bottle plot has a problem. The card can't be signed, the bottle has to be pre-loaded and the reveal is getting the spectator to 'discover' the card at the end of the routine. In short - it's a trick that misses the mark.

Laura London however, doesn't miss.

The incredible thinking behind this effect manages to tick every box for the ultimate on-the-spot performance. The card is signed. The magical moment is instant. The spectator is left with an impossible souvenir.

This is the effect that Laura uses to close every show - and it's the reason why she's booked solid for months in advance.

A card is selected and signed by the spectator. The spectator replaces the card anywhere in the deck and shuffles the deck themselves. The deck is spread on the table and the spectator verifies their card is still in the stack.

The deck is picked up and INSTANTLY smacked against the bottom of an empty bottle -- BAM! Their signed card has penetrated through the bottom of the bottle in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. The card-in-bottle can now be given out as a souvenir.


  • Card is Signed by Spectator
  • Card is genuinely lost in the deck - No sleight of hand required
  • Spectator can shuffle the cards themselves
  • Spectator verifies the card is still in the deck
  • Card appears instantly - VISUALLY - in the bottle
  • Both Gimmicked and Ungimmicked versions taught.

Laura teaches two versions - gimmicked and non-gimmicked, as well as multiple presentation ideas. The gimmicked version makes practicing much easier and leaves the spectator with a clean, better looking, impossible souvenir.


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Aaron N.
Verified Buyer


A great site run by some great people. The products they offer and the support they provide is fantastic. They care about their product and their business and everything I’ve gotten from them has been top quality and easily the best cards and gimmicks I’ve ever received.

V. Adams
Verified Buyer


From browsing the site to completing the order, it was easy to find everything I wanted.

Shipping was fast and products were delivered pristine.

Bradford Chase
Verified Buyer


Everything I purchase from Ellusionist is high quality, professional level goods. I’m an amateur but learning and I am never disappointed here as I am other sources. Love this company.

Bob M.
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I am a repeat customer and everything I purchase I am beyond pleased with. If I have ever had an issue with anything I contact them and receive prompt responses and they always rectify an issue in more than a timely manner. Definitely a company in the magic world I’d recommend.

AAA Card in Bottle

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Call Me iSmile
Outstanding Performances

As a fellow performer, I am astonished and admire everything I see on ellusionist. This investment was worth it, indubitably. Many thanks Laura L. and to everyone who helped with this project. Cheers to all and to all a good day. 😊😀

Nice Method and performance

Laura London is great in her teaching. it's a super simple effect with a not too terribly difficult method

Robert Higgins (Professor Higgins)
Card in a bottle - Pretty Cool

I watched the video and although it was as I suspected, the details were the important part and were different than I expected. For the price, this is a bargin. I bought rhe special card(s) and am looking forward to giving it a try. In the past, I was very succesful in the past with bottle cap in a beer bottle and I expect this will even be better for wider audience. I am going to do this in about a week for magic club to try it out. I am confident that it will be a real winner. Thanks for the bargain price and the value.

Draken Williams

I love the handling and it's so mind-blowingly simple that anyone could do with the proper technique and attention to detail.

Simple and Brilliant

The trick is very easy to perform, and gets such great reactions. It looks like real magic.

Luigi Rohrbaugh
Card in bottle

A very clever way to do card in bottle without having to cut the bottle

병인 Yoo

Card in Bottle

dudu buzaglo

Card in Bottle

T Bravo
Nice, clean trick!

Works great, especially with the gimmick.

J. Hudson
Perfect trick

My new favorite trick. Incredibly easy and the reactions are incredible. Buy it now if you’re on the fence.