Metal: High-Impact Coin Magic

Eric Jones
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Brad wanted a single full-scale download that could range from beginner all the way through advanced, and give beautiful instruction along with ALL the moves you could ever want to learn ---- including the latest guarded sleights and the most devious moves of the past.

When you acquire Metal, you will own a reference guide to becoming great. That much will be obvious. So sit back, click Play, and get to work.

If you don't own any coins we highly recommend picking some up. Ellusionist sells high-quality, custom Artifact coins (half dollar size) that will glimmer as you perform.

• Finger palm
• Ramsay subtlety
• Classic palm
• Kaps / Malini subtlety
• Holding out multiples
• Thumb palm
• Downs palm
• Buckley production
• Mutobe palm
• Curl palm
• Edge grip
• Goshman / tenkai pinch
• JW grip
• Korn production
• Mutobe production
• The pop
• French pop
• Taking
• Quick vanish
• Putting
• Elusive vanish
• Retention vanish
• Stylized retention pass

• 4-coin coins across
• Using a jumbo coin
• Simplex 3 fly
• Loose change
• Bluff vanish
• Jones spellbound
• Click pass
• Jones pass
• Roth shuttle pass
• Utility switch
• Wiped clean
• Townshend Hand washing
• Bobo switch
• Jones switch
• Benzais Friction palm

• Dr. E.M. Roberts sleeving
• Parallel sleeve vanish
• Sleeve retrieval
• Getting caught
• Windows
• Closing thoughts

• Coin rolldown
• Five coin star
• Arm roll

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Mike Kaminski
Great Buy

The hype around Metal: High-Impact is well warranted.


If you are looking for a modern introduction into coin magic - buy it. Eric Jones teaches a lot of slights and techniques and some routines to perform. The instructions and the video quality are very good and makes it easy to follow.

Solid groundwork

Good place to start with the basic coin moves. Despite me already having some coin teachings this gave me new ideas and views on the groundwork.
Eric's teachings are thourough and personal as usually.
Nice value - especially when you hit one of the occasional Ellusionist discount runs.

Best tutorial if you want to start coin magic

If you want to learn coin magic and don't know where to start?
This is it!

Everything is well explained and he goes over everything you need to know to get started with coin magic.
This is a must!

David Morris
Everything I hoped it would be.

I have been working on coin magic a couple of years. Ive always really liked Eric Jones.. I finally got around to getting Metal. He is as good a teacher as he is a magician. This video is a keeper I find myself keep going back to. Worth the money,glad I finally got it.

Great for fundamentals

This download is a great introduction to coin magic. There are a lot of palms, productions, vanishes, and utility moves. The routines are also really useful(especially the spellbound). Love this!


The best way to begin into coin magic with one of the greatest (personal opinion) modern coin magicians

Gary Ware
This will level-up your game

Eric Jones is a master instructor and this is well worth your investment. Eric covers everything you need to know and then some. I have been playing these videos on repeat the last few days and not only do I feel like I am getting better, I also feel like I have a better understanding on the philosophy. I consider myself a novice, and some of the stuff is over my head, but i feel like with more practice I will be able to achieve them. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to master the art of coin magic.

Sideways Simon
An excellent introduction to coin magic

Eric Jones is a great teacher. He clearly demonstrates a number of sleights and explains in easy to understand terms how to do them. I normally recommend books for learning magic, but any time someone asks about coins I send them straight to Metal: High-Impact Coin Magic rather than books such as Bobo, because the teaching on this video is second to none.

Take Your First Steps

This is a must for beginners looking to get into coin magic. Yes the moves require practice, but this teaches you a lot of the basics.

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