My Lecture Notes

Certified Banger

You will get 18 effects
+ limited edition book
+ Easy-to-follow video explanations by Julio
+ gimmicks
+ Julio's secret to creating visual magic


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My Lecture Notes is a collection of 18 stunningly visual effects by Julio Montoro.

Along with the limited edition book, you'll also receive a pack of gimmicks & access to all video tutorials and performances. 

For a little over $4 per effect, My Lecture Notes is outrageous value & earns the coveted 'certified banger' status from Ellusionist. 


"He is UNBELIEVABLE" - Dani DaOrtiz


  • Produce a Happy Meal from thin air.
  • Bite a Dorito in half and then spit it back together.
  • Read minds with an ingenious peek device.
  • Restore the crease in a bent playing card.
  • Turn a schoolyard toy into a powerful prediction tool.
  • Make a playing card visually appear inside an empty envelope.
  • Cause a stack of playing cards to morph into a single prediction.
  • Master the famous mystery card plot by turning a tictac box into a switching device.
  • Predict their favorite card... from childhood.
  • Open a portal through a stack of sticky notes. Then peel it off.
  • Double the power of the haunted deck by finding two cards... without touching it.
  • Meld two cards together to create an uncrackable puzzle.
  • Perform the cleanest triumph we've seen in years.
  • & more


As with all lecture notes, Julio shares his theory behind the effects. But he also goes further and explains his exact process for creating magic.

By understanding these principles, you'll be able to take that theory & apply it to your own ideas and visual effects.

'My Lecture Notes' is an insane level of value in one neat little package. You will get the limited edition book + gimmicks + video tutorials & performances of each effect. 

Get yours today. 

Customer Reviews

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Matt Howard
Great Variety!

This was a great purchase. the variety was killer, love that’s there’s arts and crafts involved so i know how all the gimmicks work and can remake or fix them myself if needed, instructions are great, i would have loved to see some extra templates available for some items, but overall awesome.

There was an issue with some of the qr codes going to pages with no videos but the team was responsive and i believe that is all fixed now

Incredible Content

Super satisfying when you get to build all the gimmicks and see the final product. And then proceed to use them in your routines! I haven't done the happy meal yet but am already amazed with the mind of Julio Montoro and his thinking process behind each of the effects. I now use the double haunted deck in my card routine. 3 words. Get. It. NOW!