Card To Pocket

Other Brothers

Their card to pocket effect goes like this: The spectator thinks of ANY card from the deck on the table (No force). It vanishes with no sleight-of-hand. You pull it out of your pocket with nothing left to hide. 

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Imagine taking a card and ((record scratch)) ... Why do all magic effects get sold in the same way? And why does everything have to be “on steroids”?


Let’s get real for a minute... Card to pocket effects always have one of two major drawbacks:

You’re either ‘dirty’ before you go to your pocket. AKA can’t show your hand empty.


You’re dirty after you reveal their card and can’t show all of your pockets empty. Either because of multiple outs or an index.



They say two minds are better than one.... Enter stage left, The Other Brothers. Two Las Vegas guys from different mom’s, who create magic and are both called Darryl (& Daryl).

Their card to pocket effect goes like this:

  • The spectator thinks of ANY card from the deck on the table. (No force)
  • It vanishes with no sleight-of-hand
  • You pull it out of your pocket.
  • You then pull ALL of your pockets inside-out to show that magic is for sure, real.

Don’t try and work it out. You’ll be here all week. 

"There’s nothing to find and even less to hide."

Inside this box is everything you need to pull this off. 2 gimmicked decks and a special gimmick that hides in plain sight. 

Get yours TODAY & finally perform card-to-pocket, without looking like you’re putting a card in your pocket.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great but needs practice

This is a great and smart technique to do the card to pocket effect and it does not require any sleight of hand. Its easy to perform once you get used to it but you need to practice it a few times to get used to the technique. The explanation videos could have been better and more detailed but aside from that it is a great trick and technique to add to your arsenal.

Marco A Dieguez
Awesome trick

This version of card to pocket is amazing. Requires some practice.

Great trick

I'm a big fan of card to pockets and card to wallets and this one is one of my favorites. Definitely going to be practicing this one.

The Mind Has NO WHERE TO GO. Baffles again and again.

Haven't been using this for long, but 20 or so performances later, not once has it (or I) failed to pull it off and leave them completly baffled. Once it hits them, their minds have absolutely no where to go, and it lasts until they just let go and give up.

Was a bit concerned regarding both parts of the effect. But they actualy go down flawlesly. The Other Brothers gave so much excellent info on the concerns and provided a couple of great "outs" that bring you right back on the path so you can STILL make it happen. Really liked their instructional video and look forward to more of their magic at Ellusionist.

Thanks for a trick that is a game changer and one that completely blows them away.

Michal N.
I love that!

I really love that. Great method and they ‘work’ very well!

Brilliant method, well done gimmick

This trick is so to the point it's mindblowing. The explanations are well done, everything can be set up in minutes. I highly recommend it.


I give it three stars cause of set up instructions of deck looking for the card they pick ,not explained good ,they should of showed a lay out of the decks and when looking for there card I made it easyer to break the deck in half putting half in each pocket easyer to find and cut out pockets from old pants but the price is good but how to do it will not be easy.


Good effect ..

I do agree that the instructional verbiage could have been done better.

My biggest issue is that I tend to wear tight pants .. and I hardly ever wear a baggy jacket .. But I will figure out how to adapt it to my personal style.

I did like the rubber band idea .. That was helpful!!

Thank you!!

John Clark

Totally agree with Kevin - the instructions are very poor and the Kings issue is not addressed, nor is the issue of duplicates - people are observant and they do notice. The gimmick is not easy to use either - especially left handed. Love Ellusionist - but this is not the quality I am used experiencing from you.

Alex Hui

Here is my in-depth review of Card to Pocket by The Other Brothers.


When I review a product, I?d like to judge the product by itself alone. I will try to put myself into readers? shoes and give the most honest review.

I paid full price of the product, and come with no affiliation with any magicians or dealers, thus as a consumer I want my readers to have full information about the thing they may be getting.

I will provide what is not said on the advertisement and details beyond the product itself.

If the product is good, I say it out loud. At the same time, if there is bad about the product, I don?t hesitate at all to say it.

I believe by giving you the most transparent information, you will have better knowledge to judge.

Helping my readers is my biggest goal with this review.


You?ll get 2 decks of gimmick cards in classic Rider Back. They are constructed totally in different ways.

You also get a device to accomplish the Card-To-Pocket part of the routine.

And a link to the online tutorial is included in the box.


Let?s talk about the gimmick decks first.

One gimmick deck is specially printed cards which makes vanishing the selection very easy to do. Interestingly, it is a deck that cannot be examined but can be handled relatively freely by spectator. Since the deck is only handled by spectator for a short span of time during performance, it should last a long time. Even if the deck was mishandled and damaged a bit accidentally, it doesn?t affect how the deck works. In addition, this gimmick deck is versatile enough to accomplish dozens if not hundred of other effects. I would pay for full price for this deck only.

Another deck is responsible for another part of the effect. This deck is specially constructed which makes the trick workable. This deck is not difficult to construct and thus there is no worry about damage in long run.

Regarding the special ?device?, it is made of durable plastic and no way daily usage will damage it. There is one additional part in this device which is creative and make the effect a lot better, though I cannot go too deep about what it is.

All in all, I am satisfied with what I receive. They are what they should be and more than good enough to make the effect work.


The effect is well explained in the 49 minutes & 50 seconds long video.

Length (minutes) of the main parts (I literally counted):

Intro- 1:00

In the Box- 5:21

Explanation- 10:34

Explanation 2- 14:21

About the Pocket- 1:23

Studio Performance- 2:57

Bonus- 7:00

Thoughts- 1:40

Last Words- 1:18

Live Performance- 4:16

?In The Box? session starts with the gimmicks you receive. It explains the one-time setup of the decks. This session mainly focus how the prepare the decks (no DIY involved). So you don?t want to skip it because it?s also about Preparation.

In ?Explanation', The Other Brothers explain the vanishing sequence of the effect in great details. They teach several handlings, audience management and tips about how to make this sequence look best. They even explained a hand-off approach which I think it should be how the trick should look. They cover all the details and there is no question that they don?t leave much behind.

In ?Explanation 2? (I name it differently to protect the secret), they go into the method on how to produce the selection from pocket. Interestedly, they admit that their method ?suck?, so do I think. But they have provide an execution which makes the method not too bad. I have to agree with them because their rationale is valid. I will go into deeper analysis about this later.

In ?About the Pocket?, the creators explain the way to make showing an empty pocket possible. This is very creative and I like it.

In ?Studio Performance?, The Other Brothers did 2 performance to teach you the timing of the moves. Honestly, it?s not particularly useful once you understand the method. There is no new tip on how to improve the timing the performance. But it only lasts for 3 minutes, not a big deal.

In the Bonus session, some random ideas are given. They put more weight on how to make the selection appear in other places. Those ideas are quite obvious but they are worth trying. They also teach a version where the deck is handled in another off-hand manner on table. Much details of this version are given and I like this part.

In ?Thoughts? session, nothing new is given but it?s just like they are trying to make statements to make you believe this effect is great. Honestly, I think this part is redundant.

To conclude, the production quality of the tutorial is quite nice. And it is packed with useful information about details of the effect. Not the best production quality but I am totally satisfied.


There are 2 main things to handle in this effect. Namely, vanish and produce the selection.
To vanish the selection, the gimmick deck does most of ...

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