Card To Pocket

Other Brothers

Their card to pocket effect goes like this: The spectator thinks of ANY card from the deck on the table (No force). It vanishes with no sleight-of-hand. You pull it out of your pocket with nothing left to hide. 

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Imagine taking a card and ((record scratch)) ... Why do all magic effects get sold in the same way? And why does everything have to be “on steroids”?


Let’s get real for a minute... Card to pocket effects always have one of two major drawbacks:

You’re either ‘dirty’ before you go to your pocket. AKA can’t show your hand empty.


You’re dirty after you reveal their card and can’t show all of your pockets empty. Either because of multiple outs or an index.



They say two minds are better than one.... Enter stage left, The Other Brothers. Two Las Vegas guys from different mom’s, who create magic and are both called Darryl (& Daryl).

Their card to pocket effect goes like this:

  • The spectator thinks of ANY card from the deck on the table. (No force)
  • It vanishes with no sleight-of-hand
  • You pull it out of your pocket.
  • You then pull ALL of your pockets inside-out to show that magic is for sure, real.

Don’t try and work it out. You’ll be here all week. 

"There’s nothing to find and even less to hide."

Inside this box is everything you need to pull this off. 2 gimmicked decks and a special gimmick that hides in plain sight. 

Get yours TODAY & finally perform card-to-pocket, without looking like you’re putting a card in your pocket.


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Penina flagler

It’s so cool and very cheap for what you get I recommend everyone get this

Troy Moss
Quality Products at Affordable Prices!

Quality Products at Affordable Prices!



Marcos morales
It is a very good trick

I didn't expect to get the reactions I got with this amazing trick. Literally, my audience couldn't believe what they saw. I totally recommend this trick. However, I recommend wearing big pants when doing this, otherwise people will notice the trick.

Chris James
Very Clever

Not something I thought I would really love. But to be honest this thing is a blast

GREAT TRICK, lots of pocket space tho

PROS: 1. It really is a miracle. 2. The instruction video is very thorough and helpful. 3. The pocket index piece can be used for just about ANY index you want, including my personal favorite, the advocate (which can also be bought here at ellusionist ;) CONS: 1. This trick requires a TON of pocket space as you will have to bring basically two decks of cards with you 2.The instruction video is a bit confusing in just one or two places but its not really a problem

Excellent as always

I’ve ordered from this site a good bit and have nothing negative to say quick shipping and quality products

Brian G Bence
Card to pocket is exceptional

The other brothers are so fun to watch and I love their effects.
This is a great (maybe the greatest) card to pocket I have ever seen. Easy to master and truly mind blowing for the spectator!
The sale on right now is it!

Huy Lam
Works great

Simple and effective

Mark Bolotte

Everyone loves this!!! They are all in disbelief!!!!

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