Peak 15


Last year an Ellusionist customer won the opportunity to create their very own deck of cards. To have their personality, style and passions put to paper. 1 year on, it's ready to share...

The lucky winner, Miguel Hanusch, wanted to create a deck to idolize the pinnacle of all outdoor adventures... Mount Everest. 

At over 29,000 feet above sea level, Everest was originally known as PEAK 15, the hardest and most treacherous climb the world has ever known. 

Not everyone who attempts Everest lives to tell the tale but those who do - descend as legends. Part of an exclusive club, who's entry is out-of-reach for most of us.

Peak 15 Playing Cards pay homage to this icon. 

Printed on our famous E7 Luxury-pressed stock and featuring full pip-to-pip customization, the Peak 15 deck is for the nomads, adventurers and lovers of the outdoors. 

Only 2,500 will ever be printed. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
erick vidaurreta
love them

such a soft deck feels like butter, recomended

Andrew Barnett
New Favorite

Snagged 2 of these decks when they were on sale; one for myself and one for my brothers birthday.

When I bought them I didn't read the description, so I had no clue they were limited until after and now I don't want to touch them.. But I can't not. This is, hands down, one of my favorite deck designs.

Peter Nagy Nagy
Colorfull and playfull

Might not be intended for cardistry but it just looks too good not to use it for that

Mike Flanagan
Mystery Jack

Great cards, cool art. But why doesn't the advertising, nor the reviews, mention the Jack of diamonds? Am I missing something? All the other face cards are standard playing card faces but the one jack is different. Is it the artist?

Great cards

This deck is buttery smooth and the design is mesmerizing.

Jacob Rickman
Good cards

I got 3 different decks from here and all 3 look and feel good

Mathieu Galarneau
Playing card collection

Very Nice deck of exclusif playing card

Vencente Gilmore
Clean deck

Clean looking deck. Happy with purchasing.

Axel Granath
Best card deck

Looks really cool, and they work perfectly to use in card tricks. Feels amazing when you use them!

Top Top Top

Look beautiful feel amazing!!