Pirate Coin Morgan Dollar Size

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There's something intoxicating about Pirates. Quickly amassing riches they didn't earn, being free and answering to no-one.

Nobody embraced that life more than Captain Henry Every. An English Pirate famous for every Pirate's dream... One big score.

Legend has it that Capt. Every refused to attack English ships for their booty. At the time he was hailed as a more savage Robin Hood... but legend was wrong. No crew was safe.

In July 1695, Capt. Every single-handedly created "The Golden Age Of Piracy" by stealing the treasure of 2 Indian ships.

Every's haul of loot put him on the 'Rich List' of his day. He took in more earnings from those 2 ships than his rivals (Blackbeard & Calico Jack) did in their entire lifetimes... COMBINED.

He was said to have retired to a private Island, what we now know is Madagascar, with 40 warships and 15,000 loyal crew. Melting his treasure to destroy all evidence.

Pirate coins are the imagined currency of this new Pirate Island. What was made from the Indian Fleet's liquidized treasure?

Morgan dollar size 'Pirate Coins' were created for the performer who desires all of the beauty and richness that is found in coin magic, while not compromising on practicality.

On the back is the fierce Captain's most famous quote, surrounded by two razor-sharp cutlasses:

 "I am a man of fortune and must seek my fortune" - Captain Henry Every

On the face is the infamous skull & crossbones, said to be Every's flag. Although no first-hand accounts survive from his crew or victims.

This is underscored by the date and name of Piracy's greatest exploit. Gunsway.

Masterfully crafted with an antique gold finish, the Pirate coins have been beautifully designed to be perfect for coin work.

Precisely milled edges make even the most hardcore coin moves feel easier, even with moist hands.

Fast List

• The exact diameter of a Morgan Dollar. (The most popular size in coin magic)
• Antique Pirate Gold Finish.
• Ferromagnetic Core - these coins will stick to a magnet and can be magnetised themselves.
• Milled Edges to create lasting grip with even the most difficult sleights.
• Scratch & Impact resistant.

Surrender your riches & order Morgan Dollar Size Pirate Coins TODAY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Cool Coin!

This coin is super fun to play with. It is a great size which makes sleight of hand easier even for a beginner. It is also really cool looking!

carl lundgren
Pirate Coin

Awesome coin! Looking forward to learning new tricks from the videos.

Ben R
Pirate Coin

This coin is weighted very well. I previously was using a Half Dollar and it seemed a little light and difficult to control. This coin has a great look and can be used for great "storytelling". Beginning to work on coin magic.

Jacquelyn Gold
High quality

These coins are high quality and have and amazing grip around the edges and being magnetized is a plus. I highly recommend these for your coin magic..

Paul Becker
Pirate Coins is what I use

They are beautiful crafted coins! For daily magic a bit to heavy but I guess this is depending on what you are doing, aye? Love them!

Crimson Ember
Awesome feel

As a totally new student i don't have much experience to draw on but the pirate coin I purchased from you guys feels really good in my hands and is surprisingly easy to manipulate when I'm using it to fidget with and has become quite a part of my daily routine. Would love to have a whole box of them haha

Patrick Roberts
Gorgeous Pirate Coin

This is a fantastic prop. The size and weight are perfect.

Yoshitaka Ujikawa
Nice design

I like the design and carry it with me all the time.
I would like a silver version if possible.

Marshall Namrebiel
They're exactly as advertised!

Extremely aesthetic! they feel amazing in the hands, though the real magic is in the handler and not the coins. Both sizes are great depending on what you use them for, and as a bonus they're a bit magnetic!

Darrel Barrie
Pirate Dollar Size.

I’m really enjoying these Pirate Dollar-size coins. Endless possibilities!