Pocket Portal

Pocket Portal is a normal leather coin-pouch with the devious and unbelievable ability to vanish, switch or produce coins.

Available in two sizes; Half Dollar & Dollar size - and fits 4 coins comfortably. 

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Size: Half-Dollar

Works like a gimmick… but isn’t.

Pocket Portal is a normal leather coin-pouch with the devious ability to vanish, switch or produce coins.

Designed in real leather by Australia’s Sam King, Pocket Portal is a utility device for your coin magic.

It has:
  • No Slits
  • No Holes
  • No Magnets
  • & is Completely Examinable.

"Works like a gimmick, looks like a normal coin purse."

In magic, there’s a scale… At one end is sleight-of-hand and at the other end are gimmicks.

Pocket Portal is smack bang in the middle of this scale. The secret is in its design.

You cannot perform this kind of clean coin magic with any normal coin purse - yet Pocket Portal has no secret gimmick.

It’s designed to just work.

On this project, you’ll learn how to use Pocket Portal for:
  • Steals
  • Loads
  • Vanishes
  • Appearances
  • Transpositions
  • Penetration Effects
  • … Even a Killer Card Trick

The tuition is shared between master coin magician Eric Jones and creator Sam King. Each instructor will slowly walk you through the obvious and not so obvious possibilities with this device.

In over 45 minutes of crystal-clear video, these two will guide you through what you get and many ways to destroy your audience with it.

Available in two sizes; Half Dollar & Dollar, this is Pocket Portal.

Get yours TODAY.

Customer Reviews

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Ray Hardee
Pocket Portal

i love this pocket portal this will be my best coin trick. thanks S. King


Exquisite quality craftsmanship. Doesn’t seem that it was made for magic tricks but it works if you work it.

Yevhenii Havryliuk
One of the best purchases!

To me it's something incredible to have a non gymmic fully verifiable coin purse that with minimal sleight of hand allows you to make real magic! The quality of the product itself and tutorial videos are top notch! This purse went in my pocket immediately after purchase and wherever I go it is always with me. Definitely one of the best purchases ever!

Magic by Michael

I just received this and have only begun working with it, but the possibilities are endless! Hope they restock soon, I want a backup!!

Ash Marlow
Beautiful bit of kit

So well made and so nice to use. The quality is incredible… very pleased with this and would highly recommend. I carry one coin in it and combine this with Kim Anderson’s 1 coin routine. All I need!

David Greenberger
Great Pocket Portal trick

This is a great piece. Small enough to keep in your pocket and an instant entertaining trick. Used it at holiday party and was a hit.

Love it so much, I bought it twice.

I had been eyeing this for a while, so when I saw the half dollar version at my local magic shop I bought it. The instructions from Sam and Eric are great. Each has their own unique sleights for using it. It’s so deceptive and so clean and completely ungimmicked. I ended up ordering the dollar size from Ellusionist and am excited to use that one as well. I found it really inspiring and came up with my own transposition routine using a coin and my finger ring.

The one thing I’ll say, is it’s hard to find a glass to do the coin and glass effect shown in the video for the half dollar size. The half dollar pocket portal is too small to sit on the rim of most glasses. If you really want to do that effect, I’d recommend the dollar size.

John Roberts
Pocket Portal

Very well made. Easy to use. Highly recommend

Simply amazing!

Love, love, love this! It's simplicity, but pure finesse is amazing. Love how you can do your business, the. Pass it around with absolutely no worries! Definitely recommend!