Pocket Portal

Pocket Portal is a normal leather coin-pouch with the devious and unbelievable ability to vanish, switch or produce coins.

Available in two sizes; Half Dollar & Dollar size - and fits 4 coins comfortably. 

Sale price$24.95
Size: Half-Dollar

Works like a gimmick… but isn’t.

Pocket Portal is a normal leather coin-pouch with the devious ability to vanish, switch or produce coins.

Designed in real leather by Australia’s Sam King, Pocket Portal is a utility device for your coin magic.

It has:
  • No Slits
  • No Holes
  • No Magnets
  • & is Completely Examinable.

"Works like a gimmick, looks like a normal coin purse."

In magic, there’s a scale… At one end is sleight-of-hand and at the other end are gimmicks.

Pocket Portal is smack bang in the middle of this scale. The secret is in its design.

You cannot perform this kind of clean coin magic with any normal coin purse - yet Pocket Portal has no secret gimmick.

It’s designed to just work.

On this project, you’ll learn how to use Pocket Portal for:
  • Steals
  • Loads
  • Vanishes
  • Appearances
  • Transpositions
  • Penetration Effects
  • … Even a Killer Card Trick

The tuition is shared between master coin magician Eric Jones and creator Sam King. Each instructor will slowly walk you through the obvious and not so obvious possibilities with this device.

In over 45 minutes of crystal-clear video, these two will guide you through what you get and many ways to destroy your audience with it.

Available in two sizes; Half Dollar & Dollar, this is Pocket Portal.

Get yours TODAY.

Customer Reviews

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Larry Phillips
WOW! This is a great!

As someone who has been performing coin magic for over 50 years, I love this tool. Mr. King has not only surprised me with the simplicity of the design, but sent me down a whole new lane of creativity in just a few minutes. No flaps, extra hidden pockets, or fancy handling required to create some great coin magic! Honestly, when I ordered one of each size, I was intending to just use them as holders and organizers for sets and gaffs that I use in my normal performances. But when I looked at just the first few minutes of the video on this purse, my mind was suddenly flashing on uses for it. I have since discovered that either size will actually hold 5 coins, with an "extra" loaded for delivery as you bring the pouch out of your pocket. Now my normal load is now 3 coins (I use Morgans or Walking Liberties) plus an expanded shell over a flipper in the pouch, and a copper coin (Copper Morgan Replica or English Penny) loaded for delivery into the hand when the pouch comes out of the pocket. A purse with this load, plus a high quality pocket silk and a deck of cards in another pocket gives any performer everything he or she needs for a complete stand up/sit down/walk around performance. The pouch can perform many of the routines that would normally require a coin box, and I have even worked out a neat little 3 coin "Ramsay type" routine without a wand or cylinder. This is an unexpected and valuable addition to my working routines!

Pocket portal.

When I excitedly open the package for the pocket Portal and examined what I just purchased I was disappointed to find that what I got was a plain coin purse and no instructions. I went to my email and was relieved to find I had access to a how to video. The instructions in this video were so clear, that even an old grandpa like me could quickly learn some amazing tricks. I love this pocket Portal. It is a superb product. Worth way more than I spent for it. My adult children and young grandchildren are going to be amazed.

Jared Jones
Nice Trick

I picked up for my Dad who's a close up magician. Neat Trick.

Thomas Krajewski
Exceptional BeginnersTrick.

A great beginner illusion. Instructions were simple and easy to understand.

Aaron Hughes
Pocket Portal

Thank you l did get the down load and the quality of the product is out standing ! I will be ordering a dollar size next !! Great customer service !!!

James E
pocket portal

Very well made. great tutorial.

Allen H
Sooo good...

I bought my first Pocket Portal dollar size a year ago. Its sooo good that I bought another in half-dollar size. Nice soft leather, and no oblivious tell to what it can do beyond holding coins.

Richard Cisneros

Very well Made Excellent

Michael Jenkinson

I received my Pocket Portal today and I couldn’t believe the quality and how natural it feels whilst at the same time deceiving the hell out of anyone watching. The absolute best un-gimmicked utility device I’ve ever handled. Many thanks also to Ellustionist for making it so easy for someone in Ireland to buy top quality magic items from the USA.

high quality trick

The pouch feels great in the hand and works perfectly. The instructions are clear and show multiple ways to use it. highly reccomend!