Psychic Surgery

Perform invisible surgery on strangers. 

No hypnotic inductions. No pre-show. It's what Aaron calls 'real magic'... and they really feel it. 

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You walk up to a complete stranger and ask if they want to play a game. Then, in just moments—and saying almost nothing—you take control of their body.  

No sleights, no scripts, no complex moves, no hypnotic language, no deception. It is exactly what it looks like.

You're 'operating' on a stranger, while they're wide awake. 

Taking out ligaments, bones - and filling their arm with bricks. It now feels heavy.

You fill their arm with a "steel bar" and now they can't bend it.

You then put in a microchip and show them how your arm and theirs move in perfect harmony. As if they were one.

What is Psychic Surgery?... And can you do it?

"Psychic Surgery instantly became my favourite go-to magical moment. You achieve in seconds what hypnotists can take 10 minutes to get. It's astonishing. And the best part... it's just a jumping-off point to much more!"
- James Brown

You may watch this trailer and dismiss it as pre-show. We can assure you it’s not.

You may watch it and assume it’s dual reality. It’s not. They feel it.

You may see the impossible and assume that it could only look that good under hypnosis. But there are no inductions here... And there is no special language used. Psychic Surgery works in any language. 

What Aaron is about to share with you is his new approach. A new way of thinking about magic. 

The routine will feel risky to some and not fit everyone's style, but for those who take the risk, the rewards will be huge.

This is not a 'trick', it is a full routine that becomes a mini-course in creating genuine magical feats using just your mind and the mind of someone else...

Anytime, anywhere, forever.

This is Psychic Surgery. Exclusive to and available to learn immediately after purchase. 

Customer Reviews

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Jefferson M Rose
Surprisingly Intuitive

The quality of instruction here is amazing. I've already begun practicing this, and started expanding on it. Once you understand the basic principles, the ideas you can run with will start pouring through you.

I'm very excited to continue working with it.

It even worked when I tried it on myself, which of course has no performative value, but the ability to fool one's own body into feeling sensations with the techniques taught here was an experience worth the price itself.

You'll need to select your participants carefully, of course, but not as carefully as you'd imagine. The techniques are that powerful.

10/10 would recommend.


I would say, this was compassionately well thought out. Exceptionally well-built piece of magic for working on your patter, as well as sparking creativity for new ideas.

James Malone
Mind Altering Materials

Unlike many people who shop at Ellusionist, I do not perform as a magician. Rather, I am a professional hypnotist who helps people make positive changes in their life. Psychic Surgery offers a great way to demonstrate the power of suggestion when it comes to the mind/body connection in either a private session or a group presentation. Most people who come to someone like me "know" what they need to do; the trick is getting the imaginative/emotional side of the mind on board and effects like Psychic Surgery can help in that regard.

Eliyahu Joseph
Unbelievable trick

I watch the video and was a drop nervous, decided to get it anyways, and I do not regret it at all. It’s a great affect, I get amazing reactions, and most times at least five more people are begging me to feel it for their self

Ibrahiym Moore
Psychic Surgery

I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the trailer to this trick I knew right away that I would like to add this to my lineup. I spent hours and days practicing the trick and perfecting it and it turned out to be the best thing I could have done. For these last days I’ve been performing in front of my family, friends and even strangers on the streets! Thanks to y’all at Ellusionist and other magicians y’all have been my inspiration since day one! Each and every day I continue to expand my horizons to being a better magician with my showmanship, integrity and knowledge. I’ll always keep supporting Ellusionist and spread the love with the art of magic!

Saul Santos
Great effect to build rapport with the spectator

Also really fun to perform

Stephen Baker

Absolutely amazing.


This Phenomenal !! I began using this with caution in a personal setting with friends, just testing it out and friends told friends and now it’s an Avalanche of request.


Great trick

Amazing psychology

U have to be a very good knowledge about the psychology to do this trick