Psychic Surgery

Aaron Alexander

Perform invisible surgery on strangers. 

No hypnotic inductions. No pre-show. It's what Aaron calls 'real magic'... and they really feel it. 

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You walk up to a complete stranger and ask if they want to play a game. Then, in just moments—and saying almost nothing—you take control of their body.  

No sleights, no scripts, no complex moves, no hypnotic language, no deception. It is exactly what it looks like.

You're 'operating' on a stranger, while they're wide awake. 

Taking out ligaments, bones - and filling their arm with bricks. It now feels heavy.

You fill their arm with a "steel bar" and now they can't bend it.

You then put in a microchip and show them how your arm and theirs move in perfect harmony. As if they were one.

What is Psychic Surgery?... And can you do it?

"Psychic Surgery instantly became my favourite go-to magical moment. You achieve in seconds what hypnotists can take 10 minutes to get. It's astonishing. And the best part... it's just a jumping-off point to much more!"
- James Brown

You may watch this trailer and dismiss it as pre-show. We can assure you it’s not.

You may watch it and assume it’s dual reality. It’s not. They feel it.

You may see the impossible and assume that it could only look that good under hypnosis. But there are no inductions here... And there is no special language used. Psychic Surgery works in any language. 

What Aaron is about to share with you is his new approach. A new way of thinking about magic. 

The routine will feel risky to some and not fit everyone's style, but for those who take the risk, the rewards will be huge.

This is not a 'trick', it is a full routine that becomes a mini-course in creating genuine magical feats using just your mind and the mind of someone else...

Anytime, anywhere, forever.

This is Psychic Surgery. Exclusive to and available to learn immediately after purchase. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Lars Sandrini
Shocking easy

Very well explained, easy to follow, always a good laugh.

Scott Alchemist Privette
Great fun

Simply amazing to watch. You truly have the power! Believe you can and you will. Straight up.

Meraux Dantes
Like a surgeon

Aaron Alexander is a diamond in the rough.

His work and perspective on magic, mentalism and they mystery arts is both healing and refreshing.

If you’re new to magic or mentalism and even if you’re a seasoned vet, you’ll love psychic surgery. Once you know if, it’ll always be with you and you can share it virtually any time and anywhere.

All of Aaron’s wok blows my mind and PS is one of my favorites. I’m happy to see it come to life the way it has.

Get it today and amaze yourself and every one you share it with.

Susan A.
Psychic surgery

With minimal practice this has maxim potential to really have an awesome impact. This is my go to when I am looking for a huge impact to show how powerful our mind is. It is a great opener in a small group or crowd.

Derek N Gonzalez
Surgery was a success!

I was worried about venturing off of my traditional "magic" utilizing sleight of hand and gimmicks. However fully engaging with the performance the routine is easy and fun to perform! Great to do anywhere anytime with anyone!

Carlos Bencosme
As close to REAL magic as you’ll ever get…

This isn’t a trick.
Its a peek into the world of wonders that we can enter when we start to blur the line between reality and imagination — something I love about Aaron’s work.

It’s workings are super complicated if you dissect them but fortunately for us all, you won’t have to. If you just follow the simple steps taught in the instructional video you’ll be creating a hypnotic and deeply magical experience for people that will make you look like either a sorcerer or a master hypnotist within 30 minutes.

I am so glad I got my hands on this and am really excited to use it as a vehicle to talk about the power of the imagination and empathy. Thanks guys!

Grahame Bunn
Dubious at First

I really was very sceptical about this and if it would work, I had nothing to worry about. After that first moment when you realise it is working and you see the look of horror/amazment on their face, it just gives you the confidence to fly with it.
Can't recommend this enough, great value for the money it costs.
An amateur, grandpa magician.

Sebastian G
Great effect and explanation

If you like the effect in the video, you won't be disappointed with the purchase. Extraordinarily in-depth and comprehensive explanation with many additional tips, discussions and performances.

Juan Barba
So much fun

What great effect. Easy and fun to perform.

Raymond Helm
Beautiful Demonstration of What Connecting Can Accomplish

Elegant, simple, miraculous. What you see, is, remarkably enough, pretty much what's going on. Easy to do (once you've tried it) it feels magical.
Because it is!

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