Quiver Plus

Quiver Plus is a revolutionary new switching device that is disguised as a standard looking coin pouch. Granting you the power to switch any small object for another automatically.

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Title: Quiver + by Kelvin Chow
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Quiver Plus is a revolutionary new switching device that is disguised as a standard looking coin pouch.

Granting you the power to switch any small object for another automatically.

The second the wallet closes, it's DONE.

The most unbelievable part of Quiver is the fact that the spectator can open or close it themselves. They'll find nothing.

You can let your spectator freely handle the pouch with full confidence that they will never discover its devious secrets, no matter how hard they try.

Use Quiver For:

  • Visual switches
  • Predictions
  • Object to impossible location
  • Equivoque / Multiple Outs

"Kelvin’s attention to detail and persistence to make the best quality tools is superb. I am proud to use your products."
- Garrett Thomas

Expertly crafted in leather by Glitch Studios and Kelvin Chow, Quiver comes complete with a tutorial teaching multiple hard-hitting routines.

Predictions, switches, transformations, card to impossible location... This is just the tip of the iceberg.

This versatile prop can be tailored to fit any magic or mentalism piece.

Give sleights the day off.

Order Quiver Plus Today.


Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Donald Pepe
Top notch utility

Quiver Plus is an exceptional tool for so many magic opportunities. I may be late to sing its praise but I’m not late to enjoy it. And use it!,,,

Kunal Mittal
Amazing products!

High Quality Product, amazing training/tutorials

Steven Hale
Quiver Plus is a winner!

Just like its little brother (Quiver), Quiver Plus is a gem. However, this gem has a bit more room to secretly hold a few extra, or larger, magical props. There are quite a few wallets and purses popping up on the market these days. Having purchased many of them, I can honestly say that the quality and craftsmanship of the Quiver clan is right at the top.

Ori Freund
Quiver Plus Trick

Although I have yet to check out how the trick works (I just got it) - I am sure it is well-made and an extraordinary illusion.
I love it!!

David Feather
Quiver Plus+ honest review.

I recently bought the Quiver Plus+ magic trick from Ellusionist and I must say, I am really impressed! It is definitely worth the money!

The trick is fairly straightforward and the instructions are quite clear. The gimmick piece are high quality and are not easily detectable by the audience. What's more, the trick itself is very deceptive. It allows you to produce items seemingly out of thin air and I know my audience was completely fooled!

Overall, the Quiver Plus+ is an amazing trick and I will definitely be using it often in my shows. Highly recommended!

Chin Ling Soo
Best modern change bag!

Endless usage! A favorite for having someone throw a quarter in. Let them hold the bag. Have them deal out four stacks from a deck. Turn over top 4 cards. Have them open the pouch and it matches date on quarter.

Very Versatile Tool!

Quality made gimmick, that doesn’t look suspicious or out of place, when brought into play.
Perfect for switches, torn and restored, transpos, changes etc etc.
Once you use it, you’ll quickly consider this a “must have” for your repertoire!

Nicolo Maserati
Shipping = Lightning | Product Quality = 10/10!

The shipping was lightning fast and Quiver is amazing! I got the plus version and I'm excited to add quiver to some mentalism routines I've been working on.

Howard Trullinger Jr
Excellence in learning

This is a great product with many easy to learn abilities

Chris Buhl
So much fun, so easy to use

I'm no magician, I've been dabbling in learning card tricks and getting little magic props and such to show off for my kids and family. This product is fantastic, just about perfect for me. It really does work the way the video shows it to work, it really is something you can let the spectator manipulate* (see one caveat below), it has many, many possible uses. I actually made up my first 'routine' using the quiver, combining it with the bite a coin trick and then turning the bitten coin into three coins for my kids and their friend. It blew them and the friends' mom's mind! At some point I'm going to buy one or two more of these at least, having multiples could easily give you an entire brief magic show on their own. Kevin's video tutorial shows lots of possible uses and gives ideas for many more possibilities as well. I have had tons of fun with this so far, and have only scratched the surface.

*One caveat about letting the spectator examine the purse, if you've left a coin or other thick object in the purse, even though they won't be able to find it, they will be able to feel it if they run their hands over the entire purse. So be careful with that.