SCULPT: Holo Gilded Edition

Sculpt is the most extravagant deck we've ever made. 

A neoclassical pop-art design wrapped in holographic, rainbow-foiled edges.

Sale price$25.00

This is the holo-gilded edition of Sculpt playing cards.

A neoclassical pop-art design wrapped in holographic, rainbow-foiled edges.

Sculpt is the most extravagant deck we've ever made & is printed on luxury-pressed E7 stock. So it's thin & durable. 

From the back design to the pips, aces & court cards - everything is custom. 

The tuck box features a minimal aesthetic that screams quality without overstating any one design element. 

Purposefully limited to 2,500 decks. Get yours today. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Colvin Paige
Upped my card game

I'm not a magician, I occasionally play poker and thought these cards looked cool. The pictures don't really do them justice though, these cards look, feel, and smell amazing. They don't make me better at poker, but they make me look sophisticated while I shuffle.


Great gift thank you ☺️

What a comeback

We collectors and playing cards lovers needed to see Ellusionist release a new deck worthy of its brand. Here you have it, great quality and beautiful design

Liam Perriton
Excellent Deck!

I accidentally bought two sculpt decks, and at first was frustrated I had ordered a second one. However, after playing with one of the decks, I realized how fortunate my mistake was! This deck is very well made and the silver edges add a lot to the look of the colorful cards. Overall, I am very happy I was able to add this deck to my collection, and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Now every trick becomes more magical.

This deck of cards, in addition to being visually beautiful, attracts the spectator's attention. For the first time I received the exclamation "wow, what beautiful cards" several times. Honestly, no one has ever given me a review of the deck of cards before a close-up show. It's like having a metallic deck of cards in your hand that reflects a lot of light in the edge of each card and makes it unusual and fascinating. Now every trick becomes more magical!

George Zajacek
So cool

Bought this deck on a whim and ended up loving it!

Holographic foil!

Awesome looking decks with a cool design very happy with my purchase

Michael Ericson
Amazing cards

These are the best decks out there

Craig Morgan
Lovely deck

Only issue was you had to pull the cards sort initially Once that was done it was all good. Aesthetically the deck is great to look at.