Danny Goldsmith

A few months ago we had a meeting with Danny to scratch off one item from his bucket list... visiting Nepal. 

There, we filmed 4, completely gimmickless powerhouse routines from his refined repertoire.

This isn’t a professional addressing a crowd of intermediate coin workers. This is a man, 1-on-1 slowly walking you through each step, from the ground up... with nothing overlooked.

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Danny Goldmsmith is a Buddhist. Not to be confused with religion, like magic, Buddhism is simply a way of life.

The aspiration is to reach enlightenment. A deeper connection to the magic in the world around you.

It's this soft, smooth, karmic-thinking that puts Danny's coin work into another dimension. Whatever it took, we had to get him to Ellusionist.

A few months ago we had a meeting with Danny to scratch off one item from his bucket list... visiting Nepal. Our goal, to bring the magic community something authentic. No fancy penthouses & no room service.

The genie, for the first time, filmed from inside the bottle.

A zen, stripped-back spiritual setting to unpack the essence of good coin magic... and we got what we wanted.

After a laborious 26 hours of flights and connections, Danny and our team landed in Kathmandu, Nepal... a place that 1 in 10 people would have trouble finding on a map.

There, we filmed 4, completely gimmickless powerhouse routines from his refined repertoire:

  • Crazy Man's Coin Cuffs.
  • Charmed.
  • Split & Splice.
  • Atomic Orbiting Coins.
  • BONUS DG Retention Vanish.

His motions are smooth, but his methods are smoother.

How? It’s Danny Freakin-Goldsmith.

The word 'Smith' is used to describe a specialism in a certain area. A Blacksmith, for example, is someone who works with raw iron & steel. 'Smith' simply means expert. Danny is a Silversmith. An expert with the pieces of silver we call coins.

If you’ve been scared of coins before, or shelved each attempt in the past, Danny’s warm openness draws you back in.

This man is here for you... and for each second of the 1 hour, 20 minute project, you feel talked 'up' and not talked down to.

This isn’t a professional addressing a crowd of intermediate coin workers. This is a man, 1-on-1 slowly walking you through each step, from the ground up... with nothing overlooked.

Danny is so detail orientated, he delayed the release of this project to watch it with fresh eyes and ensure it was perfect for you.

Order Silversmith TODAY.



(Please note: Danny has made some additions to some of these routines since posting on instagram. By getting Silversmith you'll learn all of this & more)

Crazy Man’s Coin Cuffs

Worth the price of the entire download alone, we think this is the project’s signature routine. What can we say... Crazy man’s handcuffs, but with two normal coins. It looks fair, but Danny’s deception allows for one solid coin to phase slowly through the centre of another.


A massive US Dollar coin is pulled magically out of the center of a normal finger ring. Then it teleports back inside. Then back again. Watch it in action here >>>

Split & Splice

A normal dollar is dropped. Whilst in mid-air it splits perfectly in two. Brand new, silver half dollar coins. Unlike humpty-Dumpty, it CAN be put back together again. Showing both hands completely empty. BONUS: Flick the coin into a spectators hand and watch it split in half before it lands. This. gets. reactions.

Atomic Orbiting Coins

Crush Coins down to an atomic level. Leaving all the empty space behind. These coins orbit around your body’s gravitational field, only to be plucked out of the air, 1 by 1. Becoming solid once more.

With thanks to Jeff Copeland for his inclusion of some of the material taught in Danny’s debut magic industry project “Insights”. Head over to his site to see more from Danny Goldsmith.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Andris Volkovs
I know how it works, but still am blown away

My 2nd purchase from Danny. And got to say that his retention vanish is worth the project alone. Like, knowing how it is done, I still get amazed every time I watch him do it. 2nd favorite thing in this project, is his theory and attention to little subtleties that make the tricks work as I know majority of moves, the details is the thing that takes them to next level.

Julius Mankau
Great teacher

Even though the material is pretty advanced (from my point of view) Danny breaks it down calmly in easy steps and makes it exciting to follow his explanations. Definitely worth the money!

Zacharie Miri

Never been into coin magic, but this is changing my mind !

Dave Phillips

Absolutely wonderful teacher.

Alonso Rodríguez Madrigal
Makes coin magic approachable

DG is an enthusiast about coin magic and he transmits all the enthusiasm to the viewer. The details on the retention just make all the project worth it.

Scott H
DG is fantastic

I love DG and the style he brings to coin magic. To be clear, this is not beginner material. But if you feel confident with a retention vanish or two, a decent variety of palms, and are comfortable with various edge grips, this is a great step up. The ring routine is worth the entire price of entry. Have fun.


I got the coin cuffs only deal since it was the routine I liked the most and the one that fooled me and I was pretty surprised on how easy and fun to do it is, I would recommend it even to beginner magicians.


It's time to write a quick review for this. Danny is a brilliant coin magician. He is fluid, graceful, thoughtful, a good performer, with original ways to achieve the routines he presents. On top of that, he's a fantastic teacher. If you bought this just to watch his hands as he teaches, you would learn something - but buy it to learn some fantastic magic that uses coins and will stretch you and make you a better magician.

Ryan F

Danny's brilliance in the execution of these moves is only surpassed by his ability to teach. Every routine is explained slowly and carefully. The moves are not "beginner" easy, but they are certainly not impossible. I was pleasant to discover the DG retention is much less angle-dependent than I thought it would be. 'Charmed' is far and away my favorite, as it's so simple yet effective. Plus, I wear rings so I always love an excuse to pull off a trick with them.

Overally very pleased with the material, absolutely worth the buy.


This is a amazing project, Danny teaches the tricks, techniques and moves in different angles. The other thing is his moves are different from anything I ever seen, besides the retention vanish i assume, so it takes a while before getting them down but Danny makes the process much easier then if you were to just try on your own. Can't give this guy enough credit for all his incredible work in this project.

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Danny Goldsmith

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