SWITCH equips you with 15 'get-out-of-jail-free' options that can be used to keep you one step ahead of your spectator at all times.

With 2 hours of step by step instructions this project is packed-full with alternative handlings, special guests and bonus switches. 

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SWITCH is 15 must-have methods for switching, swapping or substituting cards within your existing routines from Daniel Madison, Geraint Clarke & Lloyd Barnes.

Ever been caught during a performance? Or reveal the wrong card? It happens...

SWITCH equips you with 15 'get-out-of-jail-free' options that can be used to keep you one step ahead of your spectator at all times.

With 2 hours of step by step instructions, SWITCH is packed-full with alternative handlings, special guests and bonus switches. Making it essential viewing for hobbyists, move monkeys and workers. Regardless of skill-level.

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Geraint Clarke & Daniel Madison talk switches, how the project came to light, who it's for and how these 17 gems can save you in those difficult situations...



L&L Switch V1 Welcome to the concept of Lapless lapping. Whilst standing you're able to switch a card from the table in the casual motion of picking up the card. You'll want to start performing this instantly!

L&L Switch V2 Apply this variation to L&L v1 and you'll arm yourself with a top-change-esque move that flies under the radar with your spectators.

SandSwitch By far the most convincing switch of a sandwiched card. This is the one move the mystery card plot has been missing.

Stalone The ability to switch a folded card on the table and then show your hands completely empty. Forget lapping.

Up and Under A devious subtlety that opens up a myriad of different ideas, this switch allows you to change a card in full view clipped under your belt.


Muck:Shun The master of the muck is back. A staple in the gambling world, this is a classic tabled-switch taken from the real world of cheating.

Push A powerful push of a folded card towards your spectator is all you need to switch out the card. Simple, direct & deceptive.

Turnover Flip an up-turned card face-down from the top of the deck and hand it to the spectator. In that action the card is replaced allowing you to produce it from anywhere before they even know the trick has begun.

545 A compact switch of 5 random cards for a winning Royal flush, in the simple action of displaying and turning the cards over on top of the deck.

Card Switch One A dual action throw that disguises the moment of the switch behind a casual replacement on the table. We know how it's done and we still can't see it. Can you?


Acapelo V2 A fluid masterpiece that's as motivated as it is fooling. To the spectator the card never leaves their sight and is switched out during a sandwich routine.

Athens Mistaken for a T. Nelson Down's change, Athens is as mechanically satisfying as it is deceptive. This single card substitution allows you to switch a face up card as you're placing it into your spectators hands.

Pocket Switch An added piece of theory to make card-to-pocket more impossible. The dirtiest part of card to pocket is going to that pocket with a 'dirty' hand. With this addition, the spectator sees the card in your pocket before they've even signed their selection.

Half Moon A casual, but fair switch designed specifically for card-to-mouth routines. They choose where to put their card in the fan, but it's in your mouth before it's been squared into the pack.

Bonus: Geraint gives tuition on how to perform card-to-mouth correctly based on years of performance experience to large groups. This is how you get away with it EVERY time.

Tornado Adding a flare to the classic deal switch from Marlo, Geraint shows you how to swap the selection during a spin.


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From browsing the site to completing the order, it was easy to find everything I wanted.

Shipping was fast and products were delivered pristine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Samuel So

This project contains pretty good ideas and sleights.

Foster Pearson

Madison, Clarke, and Barnes are masters. Well worth the money. Best switch is either muck shun or the kill switch but all of them are incredible

Krisnapati Bayu

Pure Gem!!! I love this project!!! you know what the price is really cheap when you get all the material ++
my favorite one is Acapelo By GC and instantly become my Arsenal!!!

Taylor Parkinson

This is going to Change your magic! I got it and it is already being applied in my effects all the work in this is usable, I love it, you will love it!

rhys cunningham

when I first saw SWITCH I thought it looked pretty cool but when I got the download and watched it, it was amazing. the switches in it are awesome, super visual and perfect for close up and stage magic. G Clarke, Dan Madison and Lloyd Barnes really did create something which everyone who learns this will use on an everyday basis.

Juan Fonseca

These are amazing. They are not just switches, they are ideas and tools to create routines of your own. I already added a few of them to my routine.
545 is EXTREMELY angle sensitive, but damn it looks pretty when you get it right. The rest of the switches are just flawless mind boggling moves.

Jordan Dyk

This whole project is PURE GOLD!! And Lloyd Barnes' L&L Switches...they are going straight into my routines! As I watched and began to practice all of the switches on this download, thousands of ideas for tricks and routines flooded into my mind. This really is the best thing since sliced bread!

Marco Chiornio

It's sad to be writing a bad review here, as I feel most products I purchased on ellusionist were well worth the money I spent.
While some of the switches taught in this download are indeed good for real life performance, most appear to be not so strong alternatives to other techniques one might have in their repertoire.
I feel as if most lack consistency. Maybe the choice of not offering real life performances where interaction supported the understanding of some of the concepts developed has hindered the inner value of this download.
For instance, "L&L switches" (both v1 and v2) appear good but I fail to see how misdirection could help getting away with them: it should take place in the very moment when people are burning your hand and re-directing audience attention would be easier with a standard top-change. "Push" definitely doesn't look as natural as it's portrayed and requires an off beat that, if achieved, would allow for many other switches that would offer a better clean-up. "Pocket switch" taps into theory but doesn't justify a discrepant move that happens during the retrieval of the card, which basically makes the concept less reliable than the standard ways for achieving the same result.
Similar issues could be claimed for most of the tools offered, with the exception of I know to some these might feel like minor touches, with the exception of " Sandswitch", "Turnover", "Acapelo V2" and "Athens". I know many might label these as minor touches that can be solved with some thorough thinking and practicing, however I do expect details to be taken care of when I spend 20 bucks on a download and I guess that sum is far too much for the mileage I can get from these tools.
Good feedback on Card to Mouth, which I feel is some of the best insight one can get from S3itch.