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You MUST have this and we'll tell you why. Some things, you don't know why they work but they simply do.

When we came out with this as a promotion last year we knew that mangling the Sharpie logo into a playing card reveal was a good idea, but we didn't know HOW good.

You'll thank us for coming out with this. A genuine Sharpie, with ONE difference.

Pick up one, or three, today.

Note: You must know how to force a card in order to use this product.


"I used the paddle move with the sharpie, to turn the writing into the SixClubs - in a bar, on New Year's Eve :) To have the spectators watching, as the writing almost visibly turns into naming their card... My specs jumped through the *roof* (or at least, would have done if I was inside... as it happens, I was outside in the smoking area)

The key to working with the sharpie is to just not be afraid of handling it openly - the specs know what a sharpie looks like, and a cursory glance will confirm everything they know.

As it happens, when I pulled the Sharpie out, one of the specs said something along the lines of "Man, Sharpies will write on *anything*, they're great!" - At that point, I was so far ahead of the game that it wasn't even funny anymore!"
- Brendon, Area 51 Member on Ellusionist

I like the paddle move with the sharpie. I show the logo with the paddle move and I just talk to them about permanent ink and how it's impossible to change things once they have been written on paper. I pop the cap and have them write a few things on the force card. i hold the cap and they hand me the marker...recap and table the marker.......then I just have them hold the deck and card....shuffle up till happy and I rub the sharpie logo and blammo.

Another funny thing I do is a deck stab with the sharpie. First, force card, then have them stab the deck with the sharpie. Have them cut the deck where they put the pen. They don't find the card..but you say that the pen found the card....point out the printing and get ready for some great reactions...the reveal just kills!
- Lonnie Dilan, Card Pro

Customer Reviews

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Patrick P Castillo
Trick Sharpie

I love this product! I bought this product twice awhile back between 2017-2020 (I lost it at some point HAHA). I love performing with this product

L Gidley
Trick Sharpie

I do a few Sharpie moves and this was easy to incorporate.

Will be your EDC

I can confirm as other reviews have, that no spectator will ever notice the card reveal until you point it out. Meaning this can be your EDC sharpie that you use exactly as you normally would - with the huge bonus of having a built in incredible reveal! If you perform the paddle move well, you can fully convince the spectators that it changed magically.
I like to use this in combination with a triumph effect, where they select the force card, it gets shuffled into the deck, and the deck gets mixed "face up into face down". Obviously you use whatever method to get the deck in a state where all the cards are face down except the force card. Then you draw their attention to the sharpie, which you have had them hold onto the entire time (I like to give them the sharpie at the start and have them tap the back of any card using the sharpie, and this works great with a classic or underspread force). I get them to hand me back the sharpie, do the paddle move to get them to see the logo is normal on both sides, then have it change into their card as they say it out loud. Before they've even got over the craziness of this reveal, you can tap the deck with the sharpie and reveal all the cards are fixed except theirs.

Isaac Gordon
Trick sharpie reveiw

This is a very good product. It is a genius reveal but it can also be used as a completely ordinary sharpie due to the font being identical to the sharpie logo font. This makes it go way over the audiences head even if they see it. Definitely recommend purchasing.

Brian salinas
Nice addition to magic tricks

This is a very cool marker that's adds a little unique reveal to your trick.

Trick sharpie

Works great, and the gimmick side looks close enough to the real logo that I'm pretty comfortable handing it over to spectators to use before the reveal.

Jayden Ware
Impossibly Easy

This is a perfect tool for any card magician. It can be as simple as a “hey cool, look at this” moment or an absolutely impossible reveal that happens in the audience member’s hands. Any skill level card magician needs one or twelve of these.

Joe Salas

Great trick

Travis Carson
Excellent bonus trick

I use sharpies all the time. We probably all do. This is a great extra effect you can throw in to a routine with a simple paddle move. Nobody will notice the special writing so you can just use the sharpie as is until you want to draw attention to it

Samantha Rychlicki

This is the one gimmick that my toughest audience fell for... My wife!