Black Ops Watch

Black Ops Watch allows you to do a sleeveless vanish of a coin with almost no sleight-of-hand. Before they even know the coin has vanished - it’s hidden in stealth mode... INSIDE your watch.


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Black Ops allows you to do a sleeveless vanish of a coin with almost no sleight of hand.

The gimmick is custom-engineered to decoy as a generic smartwatch. It comes in under the radar and retrieves the coin - RIGHT UNDER THE SPECTATOR'S NOSE.

Before they even know the coin has vanished - it’s hidden, in stealth mode, inside your watch.

Black Ops Watch is as smooth as it is silent. It’s there when you need it - and is hidden in plain sight for when you don’t.

Inside each box, you will get: 

☑️ A custom-engineered 'Smartwatch' gimmick. Looks natural. Rubber strap. Fits any wrist. 

☑️ 2 Coins (1 gimmicked, 1 normal - to vanish the coin and make it appear anywhere you want)

☑️ Extra 'Black Art' material (to apply to spare coins/make another gimmick)

“This is going to become an everyday carry for me.”

- Eric Jones 



Is this the 'Angle-Z' of coin magic? 

Angle-Z is unquestionable in card magic. The cleanest, no-sleeves, truly empty-handed vanish of a torn corner. 

But coin magic has been lacking an equivalent, super clean, teleportation effect... Until now.

Hands actually empty. No sleeves. Gone. 

With Black Ops Watch and your imagination, you can make that coin vanish so freely, so cleanly that the only hard bit is deciding where you're going to make it appear again. 

  • In their pocket? 
  • Under a glass? 
  • In their hat? (In the trailer Ryan used Eric Jones' New Era effect - taught on Collective EP to do this) 
  • You can have it appear literally anywhere. 


Black Ops Watch has been floating around industry insiders for years and they've all got excited about the potential of a vanish this easy - and this clean. 

The gimmick is the watch - but people NEVER suspect it.

As you can see from the trailer, when performing without sleeves, the only place their mind suspects the coin could go is "under the watch". 

But Ryan, time and time again just took his watch off and handed it to them to hold. Our behinds were clenched each and every time. We thought we'd get caught... BUT WE NEVER DID.

Why? Because it looks like a normal smartwatch, so spectators suspect nothing.

They can only guess at one other potential solution. "It must be real magic."

One guy was literally fooled off his feet. He fell to the floor... It's in the trailer. None of those guys are actors. You can't pay for those kinds of reactions. 

Later that night we all sat down for a drink at the bar and contemplated the true power of this gimmick. We didn't really realize it until we took it to the streets.

"It could be the Angle-Z of coin magic" someone said.

Everyone nodded in agreement. 


Get your Black Ops Watch TODAY. 

Special thanks to Jeorgie Brett who independently came up with the same method in a mechanical watch design and submitted it for release at Ellusionist also. Great minds think alike. 

Customer Reviews

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It's good, convenient, no one has any clue how it's really done & I'm happy I bought it.

Eric Baldwin

Black Ops Watch

Caitlin Heckman
So good this is my 9th one

I have alot of black ops watch's I painted some of the others and installed a little metal hole to one so it works as a fork bender too but omg the raven vanish with this black ops watch is insane. Def a must have you can pop the black disk off the gimmick to fit any coin of size. Australian Penny's work really good they are the same size as the pirate coins

Brian G Bence
James Bond envies me!

This is just a fun device to play around with and amaze others with as well! Carry it with you everywhere…secret agent style!


Great effect!!!

Jonathan M.
Genius Idea

This watch is one of the most genius ideas I've ever seen. I normally wear a black watch, so this comes in handy. You can get crazy reactions and use it for your own ideas. I messed up twice but the audience still could not figure it out. Be creative! :D
The watch is comfortable to wear and looks good on the wrist.The tutorials are easy to understand.
All in all I would definitely recommend it.

Dulude Charles
Super item

Vraiment bien fait et silencieux! Facile d’utilisation.

Tristan Demers
Great product!

The quality of the watch is similar to those cheap watches which isn't a real issue since it's not flashy and really stays under the radar, also the pirate coin is a nice addition, and in contrary to what others might think, I think it actually looks so unique that people don't expect you to have 2 of them. Finally the instructional video quality is a 10/10 plus they teach you how to put-pocket the coin on a spectator!

Robert Brown
Black Ops Watch

What a great product! The Black Ops Watch is a great gimmick for coin magic enthusiasts and other magicians alike. The way it employs black art in a simple yet effective way is brilliant. This would be a great add on to any magicians edc.

Jeremy Gault
Black ops watch

It’s an amazing magic trick that is sure to make everyone keep guessing how you did it! With a slide of hand no one knows where the coin will end up! Thanks Ellusionist!