PeekSmith 3

András Bártházi

A wireless, covert, palmable device that allows you to get your peek, right under their nose. 

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The moment you get your peek is the most important part of your routine.

Your audience may not know how, but if they write something down on paper, and you’re stuffing that piece of paper inside a wallet - and putting that wallet back in your pocket, there IS a way to backtrack something fishy.

With PeekSmith 3, they never see it - and you never have to touch your phone again. So in their mind, it’s beyond flawless.

They’re nowhere near you, you’re not looking over their shoulder. But you will have a crystal clear peek at all of the secret information you need.

PeekSmith 3 integrates perfectly with these Ellusionist apps:

As well as some of your favorites: 

  •  Wikitest by Marc Kerstein
  •  Inject 2 by Greg Rostami 
  •  iDeal by Darryl Rose & Myke Phillips
  •  Pi Revelations by David Penn
  •  TimeSmith by Benke Smith 
  •  DiceSmith by Benke Smith 
  • & many many more. 


Making it one of the most versatile pieces of technology that any magician could own. 

The Device

PeekSmith 3 is a small Bluetooth device with a:

  • Color LCD screen 
  • Accelerometer
  • & Vibration motor


The device also has three buttons (side, left and right), that can work as covert inputs for some magic applications.

It connects effortlessly to Apple or Android phones via Bluetooth LE to display secret information or give off vibration patterns from your favorite magic apps. 

PeekSmith 3 measures just 5cm long, 1.6cm wide & only 1.1cm tall... It's tiny, and easily concealed. 

How small is it?

If you're an adult, look at your index finger. This wireless device is probably smaller than 2/3rd's of that length. 

Palm it in your hand, hide it in your card box, or cut a window in your wallet to get the peek as you're taking out a blank billet. 

They’ll never see it, but you will see everything:

  • Star signs.
  • Pin codes.
  • Freely selected colors. 
  • Words they’re thinking of.
  • Names they're thinking of. 
  • Random dice combinations… it’s so versatile.

It will silently signal you, or show you the text and simple graphics required to blow your audience away. 

Sidenote: PeekSmith 3 can also connect directly (without a phone or any device) to other Bluetooth devices, for example, Spotted Dice.


PeekSmith 3 vs Latest Apple Watch  


peeksmith 3 vs apple watch
peeksmith vs apple watch 7

Apple Watches will work. It's your choice. But when we've used an Apple Watch on the streets, some spectators are so tech-savvy. They know that your phone connects to your smartwatch.

Not everyone, but some will assume you’re looking at your watch to get the information... Or that there is some link. 

With Peeksmith 3, they can't fathom a possible link... You can get the peek naked:

They have the phone.
You don’t take it back.
It’s completely hands-off.
You’re nowhere near them.
And you still get the peek.
What more can we say...
It’s flawless.
It’s f****** flawless.

Get the perfect peek, in the palm of your hand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Soi Lon Lei
Great service

The shopping experience is great and the product qualities are amazing so far!

Thomas Hahm
Love it!!!

I just love love this PeakSmith 3!!! I used to use Apple Watch but it failed me numerous times but now I only use this PeakSmith regularly now and hasn’t failed me not once! 🙏❤️

ho yin ho

this is amazing

Ankur Arora
The world of peeks is PERFECTED.

Read minds with 100% accuracy and 100% confidence, this is simply the world's best version....words, songs, even LIVE DRAWING DUPLICATION what else you can think of...and with best ever PS APP which itself is a tool. Hats off to the creators.

Larry Soffer
Best peek device ever!

PS3 software is being continually updated to connect with so many devices that it makes you seem like a wizard because there is no way to the audience that you could know what you know! Also on the Facebook group you get so many ways of peeking with PS3 that if you weren’t the one peeking you’d fool yourself! I absolutely love this device and all the work gone into it to make it the best peek device on the market!

Eric Burke
Wish I knew about it sooner

This device is incredible along with the app it provides free of charge. It syncing capabilities is out of this world

James Wisby

The peeksmith is pretty great. It allows me to impossibly gain information and blow peoples' minds. I am really excited to get more effects that use peeksmith such as Spotted Dice, Pi Revelations, iUnlock, Inject 2.0. Look at the effects you already do and see if they are compatible with Peeksmith, if they are then I would say you need to get Peeksmith.

Mark Chiacchira
Peeksmith 3

This device is definitely for the professional mentalist. I am amazed at the color screen quality and the number of accessories and apps it can be used with. It's a stellar design and is something that will be put to great use.

A must for any mentalist

Great utility to any mentalist or magician who performs mental magic. This device gives the ability to read your spectators minds in a very secret way without any obvious signs. If you use your phone or smart watch to peek information it can become obvious to the spectator that this is how you have got their information. With peeksmith, it can easily be hidden in the hand, card box, wallet, breast pocket to name a few and spectator would never know the info has been peeked. Also this device can be used with a number of apps and more are being added with software updates. Great battery life and great build quality. Would recommend to anyone who owns apps used to perform mentalism

Faith C.
High Speed and Quality

Something I was actually very pleasantly surprised by was the speed at which the PeekSmith3 receives the information. There seemingly is no delay from when the spectator inputs everything and when the PeekSmith obtains it. Not only that, but the quality of the device itself is second to none. I’ve been doing some practicing with it (definitely recommend for a smooth routine) but it is entirely worth the money!

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