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T-1000 Plus
Nemo & Hanson Chien
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The Watch Steal
Only One
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Juan Capilla
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SB Watch
András Bártházi
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QR Genie
Shameer Salim
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How to Read Minds 2
Out of Stock

Beginner to Winner Magic Kits

These magic kits are the real deal.

The material you'll find here is taught and used by real, professional magicians & mind-readers.

We've hand-picked the easiest & most impactful magic on earth, to take anyone from beginner to elite-level magician.

No prior experience needed.

How to Read Minds

It's simpler than you think.

This kit contains over 20 powerful techniques for the art of mentalism... better known as mind-reading.

The secrets inside the box will give you the ability to reveal stranger's pin codes, star signs & more.

Watch Video

The magic tricks you learn here will change your life.

Before Ellusionist.com was founded in 2001, magic tricks had to be blindly ordered from a catalogue. Often, weeks later, you'd receive poorly-made tricks with nothing but grainy, black & white photocopies to learn from... It needed to change.

For the last two decades, Ellusionist has only offered the most jaw-dropping effects, taught on crystal-clear video for ease of learning. Our teachers are the best in the business and our quality magic gimmicks are second to none.

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Pyro Mini Fireshooter
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Steve Thompson
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Duane Williams
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How to Read Minds Kit
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Stack Watch
Peter Turner
$56.21 $74.95
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PYRO Wallet
Adam Wilber
$67.46 $74.95
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Magic Stream

"The Netflix of Magic"

Magic Stream is an unlimited streaming service. An almost endless supply of high-end teaching, accessed 24 hours a day on ANY device.

As a member, you'll gain immediate access to a library of tricks, sleights, moves & interviews from magic's most prominent creators.

No commitments, just $9.99/month, cancel anytime.

DynamoMagician Impossible

Magic Stream fuels my addiction.

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