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Great deck. Delivered fast

The Advocate
Christian Campbell
Outside the Box

This is a very creative index that allows for an endless number of applications. It's self-contained, easy to learn, laughably easy to make, and can be adjusted according to preference. The all-around flexibility is astounding.

The only downside for me personally is the palming which is more or less required, save for maybe having a named card appear in your pocket. Beyond that, there's no real difficulty. He also could have offered more ideas, but you will come up with a good amount of your own in minutes, and without much brainpower.

There's no reason why a magician of any kind can't use this. If you get creative, you WILL find something that suits you. Probably a number of things. I don't like to make guarantees, but I'd bet that you WILL use this if you purchase the download to learn the secret. A powerful tool perfect for everyday carry.

Unreal Card Magic
Josh Meador
Truly UNREAL Card Magic! 🪄

Unreal Card Magic by Ben Earl is amazing! If you’ve never had the pleasure of learning magic from Ben Earl, you simply MUST! He is very thorough in his explanations and very relaxed in his teaching style.

I will defineou recommend Unreal Card Magic to anyone looking to become a serious card magician or have some killer card magic effects in their repertoire!

Thanks Ellusionist and Studio52!

Jaime Salinas
Novel Method That Simply Works

I was pleasantly suprised to learn the method and this is something I will use in my performances.

Unreal Card Magic 2
Robb Minier
Absolutely unreal!

Amazing effects, I love every single one. Ben Earl is a great teacher. Well worth the money

Pocket Portal
Barry Buller
Pocket Portal

The Pocket Portal magic trick I just purchased is a quality manufactured item. I am extremely satisfied with this item. The price is also very reasonable. All of the products I have purchased from the Ellusionist website are very well made and reasonably priced. This website has a great variety of tricks at various skill levels and the quality is always top notch. This is my favorite magic trick and magic supplies provider.
Pop Pop Magic

Pocket Book
Spencer Elvis
If you want to learn pk mentalism, this is it!

I haven’t finished reading the book yet, but there is so much gold in here. The routines are phenomenal and there a plethora of ideas that are shared will help you get started in pk work and will help your existing pk work. This the best book I’ve bought in a long time and I can’t wait to finish it. If you want to learn pk mentalism, this is one of the best resources out there.

The Challenge
Jarrid Dye

Such an amazing trick to perform. Looks and feels like your performing real magic. Working on adding into my routine.

SCULPT: Holo Gilded Edition


The best ever. Clear, easy to follow and indeed mindblowing. Highly recommended

Quiver Plus
bob Bowen
Quiver delivers

Love love love my quiver. After getting it I was able to come up with 4 different applications on my own. Just perfect. Thanks!

Truly a work of Art

Once I got it and looked it over I would absolutely agree that this is a work of art. Just incredible to do.


You’d think a trick like this wouldn't work in the real world. BUT it definitely does. The main routine is easy and hard hitting PLUS a load of ideas but the Ellusionist team!

Oisin Foley
Stupidly good 😅

From the moment DITTO was announced I was interested in it and after probably a year of going back and forth on buying it - I finally made the leap. The product is really well made, the instructional video is great and full of ideas.

I didn’t want to leave a review until I actually used it, which I had the pleasure of doing this weekend. Using an adaption of the Sneak Thief idea shared by Peter Turner this brought the house down at a recent stand up show - I can’t wait to use this again

Glenn B Tucker

I like this product very well. I have been trying to come up with a good way of producing a scent induced mental-ism effect for awhile, all I could come up with was to have a couple of scent squeeze bottles in my pockets with hoses running down the sleeve. This work great, very discrete and unnoticeable. I have tried it out on some people that pick up on things very well, my adult children and it passed as how did you do that. might get another one to have more choices. If this is your kind of magic, get it, you wont be disappointed.

Zambini Escapes

Benjamin Sleight
This is the best thing I bought this year

Honestly I love the basic effect and it just feels like real hands of magic and it’s different to what we magicians usually do.

If you are in the field of mentalism or try to get into it you will be even happier about the purchase as it now opens so many doors. Even Peter Turner had his bit where he just went through insane Ideas.

10/10 would recommend🙏❤️‍🔥
Sincerely yours
Benjamin Sleight

Kickstarter Founder

I funded their project on kickstarter and all was fine. I still work on learning their tricks but as a beginner, i am very satisfied with the results.



Inside the Vault
Florian Dürr
Worth every penny

This isn't jus about the trick, it's about the knowledge. And also about the tricks.

best cards I've got

Nico Lopez
Beautiful Effect, Low effort

This is one of the most ideal methods for this effect that I have come across. Paul Harris’s Osmosis has been a mainstay for me, but I always wanted to leave it linked. This solves that problem with pure simplicity. Not only is the effect strong, ends with an impossible souvenir, and is methodically unfollowable, but the crafting is minimal and I made a batch of ten in half an hour. I would highly recommend this for any performer looking to leave their spectators with a signed card that they’re not just going to throw away afterwards.

It’s like 4 master classes!

I bought this because I’m wanting to get into Mentalism. This is stuff is so good, I’m stoked to try it out. Peter and Mark give great explanations. Even though it’s a ton of content it made me want to learn more! I love it.

Pirate Coins

Great coins!


This project is honestly the best thing I’ve purchased from Ellusionist. Ben Earl is a master at his craft and his card tricks are incredible. The amount of technique and handling that he teaches is off the charts for a project like this. I Highly recommend this project! Just buy it already, you won’t regret it.

Killer Bees
Amelia M.
Absolutely Love

I’m absolutely in love with this deck. It’s just absolutely beautiful and it’s one of my favorites. The quality is phenomenal. The deck I purchased for a friend as gift but I also own this deck as well. It’s my favorite deck in my collection. Would definitely recommend this deck!