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To the Point
Ricardo Sarduy
To The Point

Brilliant variation of the tossed out book.
Fooled them every time.
Already part of me EDC (Every Day Carry).

T-1000 Plus
Arvin Almario

This is elegant and the fact that it is magical makes it mystical!

A well made routine

This training explains it all and made my first links easy. I have yet to progress to some of the more complex moves, but with this simple instructions I think I will get there soon.

Set for Life

I think I've got enough tricks here to keep learning for years. Amazing collection. Would give Magic Stream 7 out of 5 stars if I could.

How to Be a Magician Kit
salvador gutierrez
Love you’re products

I bought two products from ellusionist one was a cat paw whitch is personaly my favorite

How to do Street Magic
Draruiz Heryxlim
How to do street magic

It was gokd but i think this download is more to a beginner moving into the amatuer or above because many magician that is an expert know hkw all thing there works

Discord Deck
edward k.
beautiful cards

great cards to show off to your friends
with a nice inner deck case

James Harris

Complete newcomer to doing magic. Delivery was prompt and the product is being worked on as I write. Product was packaged really well and the internals were clean really high quality cards with trick. Thanks Ellusionists

Moonshine Vanish
Jason Conrad
It’s the little things

Excellent description and tips. Secrets are rarely anything special, it’s how to work the secret and this video covers it all. Great impromptu vanish.

T-1000 Plus
Best item I bought

T-1000 plus is truly a culmination of the work done before! Go buy it before it's out of stock!
The switch-box is beautiful and the extra straps add a lot of interest!

Just what I need

I love magic, have loved it all my life. I’m autistic and it can bend my mind, in the best way .
I’ve always wanted to learn a few tricks for fun and have collected a few over the years.
But this box is just amazing, the way the guys describe the explanations allows even a mind like mind to follow and complete.
I’m excited to get practice down and get out there with some.
Thank you

Nice Cards

I really like the feel and look of these cards. The gold on white has a great appeal. I'm glad I got ahold of these while they were available!

White Aurelians
Mladen Milanov
White Aurelians

I am a beginner magician and I chose that beautiful deck for a start. I have also been looking at Chris Ramsay's YouTube channel and learned about the "Knights" deck, so I think that I know my next purchase will be. :D

"How To Control Minds" is as close to "magic" as anything could be.

Just received "How To Control Minds". I have not had time to adequately prepare or practice the material to present it yet, however the instructions and demonstrations are presented so clearly and concisely I have absolutely no doubts that I will have little to no problems flabbergasting friends and family within the next several days. I cannot wait to see their reactions.

Stack Watch
William Cox
It fits my routine

I use a different approach to the stack and the watch just kicks right in!!!

It doubles the amount of the original material

So you have now plenty of fl..h paper and cotton!


A flashing idea from Adam Wilber

Nina R.
This is a clever product

Taken from a book and emerged to us. Thanks Juan Capilla and Ellusionist

Black Ops Watch
Jeremy Hankey
This is the best!

I love this thing! I wear it everywhere! Every time I perform it I freak people out and I’ve been incorporating it into some of my other coin routines, I highly recommend this!

T-1000 Plus
Jeremy Hankey
T-1000 Plus The best!

I’m so happy I bought this! When I got it I started practicing it right away. I then went out and started performing it for people and they were blown away! I HIGHLY recommend T-1000 Plus!


This is such a cool set. You literally learn some amazing skills that blow people away. Highly recommend

True Astonishments

Years ago I got Paul’s True Astonishments box set and in the trailer this vanishing deck blew my mind, it was the first thing I look for and learned, and it was incredible…I just ordered this because I Know how amazing that effect was and I can’t wait to see how much it has evolved!!

White Aurelians Are Excellent Cards

White Aurelians are a sweet deck of cards. I prefer intricate cards over minimalist designs. I can tell that the crew that designed and manufactured the Aurelians took pride in their work and cared about the quality of their product. Beautiful backs, unique Jokers and card box that has several interesting patterns inside and out are a few of the high lights. Finally, the cards feel and handle great. I really glad I gave these a try. They're keepers.

Super Bees
Nick van Herpen

Really like the design and idea of the bee decks. I ordered the super bees and killing bees. Very nice to have both.

Devin A Debow
Icarus - Amazing effect!

Love the simplicity and the great effect!

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