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CIPHER PRO (Android)
brian galvez
best calculator app

I have gotten some amazing emotional reactions from this app
connects with hydra and peeksmith as well

Mika Harris

Highly recommend, great piece of technology!!!!! Super impressed.

SiriX Pro
Awesome product

Beautiful package & nice props! From now on, if it comes from Hanson Chien, it means must buy!

Hellions V4
Mark Feltwell

As slick as ever 👏🏻

Great little trick

I performed the self vanishing headphones for my coworkers. They loved it. It was a quick but powerful moment because I produced the headphones from my pocket.

This trick is cool because it can be done while the spectator is holding the gimmick and you don’t need to worry of anything going wrong, etc

I would recommend this trick to anyone

Just a hint of practice and you’ll be on your way!

I practiced for a good 15, maybe 20 minutes. From there I was tearing and restoring cards, and running to the store for more supplies!

Self Vanishing Headphones

Y’all! Ellusionist is stepping up the game! I’m in love with this Vanishing Headphones. Not only is the quality amazing, but they took a classic and modernized it to the 21st Century! I’m a fan of what Team E has been doing, and I can not wait to see more of their upcoming releases. With that said, I am the proud owner of 3 sets of this beautifully, clever, brilliant gimmick!

Click (Buy) you will not regret it!!

@richie.magic - IG

Self vanishing headphones

This trick is amazing I love it if you don’t have one you better get one if you love easy and amazing this is it I show this to everyone I meet I’ve been showing this everyday lm a locksmith by trade and I see a lot of people this is my new go to trick thanks to ellusionist they have the best magic THANKS AGAIN

SiriX Pro
Ron Michael
Disappearing phone

it handles easy, works just like the video


The pyro mini works perfectly and is pretty cool.

Lawrence Dudzik
Ingenious idea

This trick is a great visual stunt . Easy to learn and practice. Great trick For making the card rise or descend the deck.

PeekSmith 3
Thomas Hahm
Love it!!!

I just love love this PeakSmith 3!!! I used to use Apple Watch but it failed me numerous times but now I only use this PeakSmith regularly now and hasn’t failed me not once! 🙏❤️

Classy cards with a fantastic feel

I snagged a few decks of rounders for 50% off during a flash deal on the Ellusionist app. As a newbie cardist/magician, these have been an absolute treat to handle. They feel like butter, look awesome, and are very affordable (even without a discount). Once you’re done using them for practicing sleights and flourishes, these cards will retire peacefully to become your go-to game night deck.

PeekSmith 3
ho yin ho

this is amazing

Trick Sharpie
Samantha Rychlicki

This is the one gimmick that my toughest audience fell for... My wife!

This is awesome

Just came up with my own advanced handling where the air pods are in my ears to begin with. Then I take the case out of my pocket as I open it to put the air pods back in their case they can see iv clearly put them in there as I close the case I ask the spectator to hold onto them as I proceed to take a selfie with them. They can see there are nothing in my ears but as soon as the picture is taken they reappear out of nowhere in the picture and also when they look at me too they are still in my ears when just a moment ago they weren't. Then I have them open the case where the spectator can see they are no longer in the case. Unforgettable moment for the spectator and also a memory of my magic to keep forever. Best trick with airpods ever. Thanks ellusionist for bringing this to light. Just incredible.

Hellions V4
Ajitha mithra
Thinner than the standard? Yes please!

Huge fan of DM's work (except for the Villain project). I see many are complaining about how thin the cards are but I say I love these cuz of that.
Been using a deck for many months for now and still works as new. What can you say, proper care will take you on a long journey.
Bought 4 again recently to gift friends. Get these before they run out!

Discord Deck
Ajitha mithra
Kudos to JT and Perseus for this wonderful memoir

I've leant a lot through this Discord and got featured in one video as well. It's always a pleasant feeling to share the magic with peers and to get their feedback.

Not the biggest fan of a busy back design but I'll make an exception with this one. Ordered 4 decks altogether while having the discount. Don't miss it!

Cats Paw
Ajitha mithra
Cute Magic

How to guarantee a crazy laugh? Start with the kittens deck and end with this!

Mind Games
Ajitha mithra
Pete done it again!

I've got both how to control minds and this as soon as they started this on Kickstarter.
Definitely a gem!

Best project so far by e?

I've been a loyal fan of e for many years. Without a doubt, one of the cleverest thing they done is the collaboration with Peter Turner.
This is a MUST have for every magician even though you are not into mentalism. Pete is on another level when it comes to teaching. You can see how crazily passionate he is and how he cares for the art. That alone is worth the price!
e did a wonderful job by directing this amazing project!

Blue Kittens
Ajitha mithra
Cute Magic Gift

Lovely cute magic gift! filled with secrets.

Super Bees
Tommy Shoemaker
Beautiful deck

This deck is phenomenal; it quickly became one of my favorites to use. Minimalistic yet intuitive when playing games.

Mystery deck review!

Worth it Seriously. You know you want to. I’d tell you if I could… but if I did, it wouldn’t be a mystery!

Quiver Compact Index
Enrique Preciado
Threw me off at first…

When I first received the product, the first thing that stood out to me was the quality of the craftsmanship! Quiver really lives up to its reputation. What threw me off at first was that there was no instructions (it’s on the main page I just didn’t read it, my bad) however, after messing around with it for less than 30 minutes I was able to figure out how it’s supposed to be used. The ideas just started flowing! Awesome product!

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