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Discord Deck
Kyle Abraham
Amazing Feel

They are pretty thin cards which i like a lot. They look interesting, not my favorite design though. Very good for magic and card games.

Ghost Cohorts
Kyle Abraham

These cards feel really good. They are really thin which i like. They look very nice like the other Cohorts. But they also look different. They also kind of pop out at you. They are also marked and the markings are very easy to read.

Red Cohorts v2
Kyle Abraham

These cards feel really good. They are really thin which i like. They look nice as well. They are also marked and the markings are very easy to read.

Blue Cohorts
Kyle Abraham

These cards feel really good. They are really thin which i like. They look nice as well. They are also marked and the markings are very easy to read.

Green Cohorts
Kyle Abraham

These cards feel really good. They are really thin which i like. They look nice as well. They are also marked and the markings are very easy to read.

The Surface Below Part 1
Mohamad Rafiq Sazali
Well Done.

The videos are well shot. The audio and video are superb. Giacomo is an amazing teacher as he taught everything and every details. There are only two problems that I have with this, where the first one is every part of the tutorial has the same intro so you will watch the same intro multiple times and another one is some of the expose view of the moves do not have a direct voice over to explain the moves from the exposed point of view. Overall buy first think later, I really loved and enjoyed this product. Thank you Ellusionist and Giacomo.

Excellent as always

I’ve ordered from this site a good bit and have nothing negative to say quick shipping and quality products

Wow- this is amazing

What a great collection of easy to work mental effects. The quality of each prop is fantastic. All of the instructions are in video form on an included USB drive. I really appreciate the effort to show multiple ways to use each prop to perform countless variations.

PYRO Wallet

I love this wallet!! As a working magician what better way to hand out your cards!! Just get it!!

Prime Shadow Spring
Michael Reber
Awesome Move

This is an amazing move. It does take some practice but definitely worth buying.

Life Equation
Nick van Uffelen
Very clever

This trick is so good! I get great reactions from this. And this is so smart. Awesome!!

Box Stuff
Jason F
Well-Done Explanation

This tutorial is well designed and really hits all of the sleights that are needed. I'd highly recommend it.


Ellusionist's playing cards are VERY good quality. This deck is Amazing. Beautifully designed. I almost feel bad to use them!

Louie Plank
Worth It

I am new to mentalism. I don't want to invest in large purchases based soley on reviews. I have several of Peter Turner's products and find them easy to learn and quality tools when provided. i suggest trying his tutorials. If you are like me, you will feel comfortable buying his more expensive offerings.

Just what I needed

This is incredible, I'd tried learning from the classic mentalism books before but it just never took. These guys supply the props and foolproof videos, these will take me a long time to completely ingrain but contain a lifetime of knowledge

Excellent product

Black ops Watch is a great value for what your getting. Excellent principle that's very deceiving, even up close. Even with the "gimmick" is not in the watch , its hard to tell the difference in the appearance. Eric Jones came up with a few ideas that gets you thinking of the world of possible ways you can used this. Peter Turner adds his thinking on loading a coin on a person in bonus section. I found I like the gimmick facing down as in Jones take on the watch. But I already came up with my own vanish that I feel comfortable with that I show my 3 toughest judges , my 3 kids. It blew them away, in fact they didn't even mention the watch at all. They kept looking at my hands. Reset is 1 second. Best to have people in front of you but its covered in the tutorial how to make it work when angles are wide. Just have an open mind with ways you can use this like I did. Great value.

Fiddle Stick
Emily Afshany
I fund my happiness

I visit my friends I see the games and the house still good relaxing and we have lot of fun I can’t wait to go it my order I we’ll order more I love it so much it’s cool

Revive is great!

This trick should be in every magician's arsenal of effects. It is very easy to do and makes for one of the best effects ever!

Looks good

Looks good

Green Cohorts
Nicholas Tangredi
Green is the new blue

I absolutely love everything about the Cohort playing cards. The marking system, design and card stock are phenomenal. They are a real worker's deck. I keep them with me all the time. There are my new standard. The new green colored backs look great. They're a very deep green which I think was a great choice. It's one of my favorite colors for playing cards because it's just a little different than your red and blues that people normally see.

Excellent stuff!!! Very happy..worth every penny

Tricks are fun and easy. Wide range of areas of magic. Excellent for begginers and hobbyists.

A True Bargain and a Straightforward Gimmick

I have got to say this is a fantastic gimmick, and the price is really a bargain. If you're already a coin magic person, you're going to find 101 uses for this out of the box. If, like me, you're a card table or card magic person, this beauty will allow you to do some amazing vanishes without any real polish in the coin department. It relies on very natural sleight-of-hand moves, and in 30 minutes I was blowing minds of people who KNOW my card skills, and also know I'm not doing coin magic as any regular function.

Also bringing in Eric Jones for the actual tutorial was a real bargain and very appreciated. He shows you a few beginner ideas very clearly so ANYONE can take off with this and, honestly, minutes of practice. (Regarding Eric Jones, he's a master, and the Collective EP is a fantastic companion, buy it, you won't regret it!)

Tip for minute one out of the box:. There *IS* a film on the disk, it's not scuffed or dull or scratched, it's a protective film. Maybe leave it on while you rehearse, but definitely remove it prior to performance!

The materials, the extras in box, the concept and price, Mr. Jones in the included tutorial...I believe this is one of the best deals E has released in a long time. It's good for beginner through expert, it takes up no pocket space, it really is just fantastic and I (clearly) am more than happy with this purchase. I will get serious mileage from this, and after 3 decades of "putting in the work" with cards and performing card magic, I feel encouraged to go back and put some effort into coin magic, this little gem has rekindled the desire.

The ONE thing I would really REALLY like to see E do is make some disk refills available for purchase. I'd gladly pay for 5-packs or whatever so I can expand the actual coins I use and be able to replace if ever scuffed, etc. Please consider making those available, but aside from that, what a GREAT concept well executed and the price is a bargain.

The Advocate
Lenny Smith
The Advocate

I know that I'm late to the party, but I really like The Advocate. Daniel is correct in that you will need to practice to become proficient, but it's worth it. This tool is so versatile that it may just be the most bang that you can put in a pocket!

Black Ops Watch
Henry Rivera
This isn’t a trick for the non-creative magician

If you are looking for a new trick that is self working and you lack imagination of a routine this might not be for you. This is for a professional magician or amateur who’s willing to put in the work and time to make this truly a miracle. Eric jones goes over so many fine things to help make this utility device become a miracle! Think outside the box with this one and trust me you won’t regret anything. Everyone says it doesn’t come with tutorials to make a coin in a impossible position… but before you even pay for this it completely says to do what Eric jones does with the hat is on a different tutorial for $10 extra . But I didn’t need it they give you enough info to figure out what to do. And if you want the coin to appear in a pocket ( try put pocketing) or have a friend do the dirty work. E great job on this it’s not another trick but a device to help make a magician a miracle worker!

Black Ops Watch
wayne a hessedal

Can't wait to receive the watch and blow away minds, hopefully there will be options to buy extra gimmicks?

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