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I loved this trick, it's so easy to learn from the videos I couldn't be happier with Stand we Up Monte. Everyone who I've shown it to absolutely love it. So thanks money well spent.

really cool idea

if you buy a lot of tricks, this is best to go saving a lot of money and get extra benefits

It's good, convenient, no one has any clue how it's really done & I'm happy I bought it.

Twizted 2.0

I think it's a good trick, taught well & I like it. I just think when ordering it you should be told about buying the roughing stick with it so you don't have to wait & make another order but apart from that I couldn't be happier with it.

Now You Sleeve Me
Andrej Agranovski
Very nice !

I bought the „Now you sleeve me“ Tutorial from Jerry Wang and I‘m really happy with this new sleeping techniques. It’s not that difficult but still needs a little training. All in all very nice for the price

Unreal Card Magic 2
Rodney Beaulieu
Another Level

UCM 1 was unreal. BUT, UCM 2 takes us to another level. Thank you Benjamin Earle.

Primary Movement
James Nichols
Primary Movement

This is a great illusion, and very smooth. All basic stuff we all know, but must refine to make this work.
Really enjoyed it.

EDC Peek wallet
Brandon Karrer

I’ve been waiting for a simple/effective peek wallet to come along and do exactly what I need it to do without drawing heat! Now, I have it!

David P.
Great Invisible Deck Option

This is a great alternative to an invisible deck and the spectators can examine the cards. Kassim does a great job explaining and assisted by Saav they both present a nice tutorial for a cool effect. The versions taught are slightly different and anyone should be able to perform at least one of the three whether advanced or a beginner. Great piece of magic at a fair price!

So awesome. Eric Jones is very creative.

Foundation Building

Bigger the foundation the higher the magic tower

Rather than just casually breeze over hand positions and technique, consider this 2 weeks at magic camp.

This instructional set is how you truly learn card magic, not just card tricks.

Hand Intelligence Moves

I've been practicing and the break down of the moves are easy to learn! I just need to put in more time to get better.

It's cool!

Simple and effective! Easy to carry around.

Primary Movement

An amazing effect, I can't wait to learn it 🙌 😍

Pyro mini pro

This is a great device for shooting a ball of fire. I like the flexibility it offers to shoot it from your hand or from a staying object. The remote control option offers even more flexibility for performance. If you want to be able to shoot a fireball and immediately show your hands empty, this is the device for you.

Pirate coin Morgan dollar

Coin was better than the images showed, and had more weight than expected definitely not a cheap die cast item, it will be in my pocket everyday. You never know when you will need pirate treasure to hand, pun intended lol

FREE Street Magic Deck
Daniel Granli

Absolutely fantastic.

Royal Road to Mentalism

Peter Turner is one of the best mentalist.

Rubi Cup
Great product professionally made/video is excellent with a lot of material

Video and gimmick are excellent

Rubi Cup

Well made

So far it’s great!

Unreal Card Magic Video Tutorials
Rodrigo Reis Loureiro
Powerful tool for beginners and experts!

I am a magic enthusiast. I consider myself at an intermediate level for what I and hobbies. Over the last few years I have acquired products and knowledge for my development, but Unreal Card Magic really is a game changer in card and close-up magic. I recommend this powerful tool to everyone. The techniques explained through educational videos will take you to another level.

Perfect EDC

Simple, easy to do, gets great reactions 🤯

Metal 2

After Metal I was craving for more routines and good coin magic and this is exactly what I was hoping for. I really like Eric Jones‘ teaching style and I had a lot of fun practicing the moves! Great stuff!

Rubi Cup
Cary j Durgin
Great Prop!

Great addition to any magicians arsenal, and a must for any serious coin workers!