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Killer Bees
‪Raz Rozenberg‬‏

Killer Bees

Knights V2
Guram Andghuladze
Knights V2

Beautiful deck, it was a gift for a friend who loves the chess game, hoping to turn him into playing card collector too.

Green Cohorts
Tony Klein
Green Cohort Fun

These cards are awesome, great feel, pips that pop, wonderful to use with magic tricks and various levels of cardistry.


I wanted for information on a unit "PYRO MINI" bought several years ago. It had been placed on the shelf and as most people, I got to the point I wanted to play with it. I had lost the information sheet and supplies needed to make the unit work. People within this organization assisted me sent all required information and took my order for needed supplies. I am very grateful and highly recommend them for assistance or products.

I like it....

Some I will use some I won't, but the videos are very well done, there is plenty of content to keep you busy for a long time. It's cool that you can access the material anytime, anywhere you want. I would recommend it.

For budget-conscious magicians, this deck offers an excellent alternative to expensive cards, boasting a superb finish and the trusted quality of Bicycle. Don't miss out, grab yours now!

Bicycle Deck

These playing cards are of exceptional quality, and the lightning-fast shipping made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

I bought 5 decks

I bought 5 decks, quality was amazing, shipping was very fast and for my country that’s rare.
Overall awesome experience

Quiver Plus
Donald Pepe
Top notch utility

Quiver Plus is an exceptional tool for so many magic opportunities. I may be late to sing its praise but I’m not late to enjoy it. And use it!,,,

Red Cohorts
John Henderson
Smooth as butter!

I am really enjoying my Red Cohorts. They handle like a broken-in deck right out of the box. They faro smoothly. Love the thin white boarder... its just enough. Also the perfect flexibility for table work. I am stocking up on them!

Red Cohorts
Arthur Lambos
What an outstanding deck of cards! If only these were really available when I was a much younger ...

What a wonderful deck of cards, the red cohorts are! If only these were readily available, whilst I was a teenager. If only I could start all over again, there would be no stopping me on my quest and my magical road to Cardistry.

Green Cohorts
Micah Dellaporta
Quite possibly the best cards on hand.

I actually love these cards the feel and design for multiple reasons,
Besides affordability I like the idea you can virtually leave these anywhere or your EDC and blow minds and never worry what effect to do .
Always great reactions. It only tool me a few shuffles to get use to the E7 pressed stock. I'm a bicycle player. But I quickly stocked up 2 of each color.
Ellusionist is always proving why they are the very best . Cheers from MagicDad

Just nice to have :D

and to play with 👏🙌👏

Knights V2
Janis Joksts

Love the deck. Amazing quality. Looks great in collection...

Blue Cohorts
Timothy Askin
Card man’s delight

Beautiful cards that handle like butta, they can be clearly read and would be a asset in any card man’s inventory.

Red 1900

The 1900’s cards are created in regards to a “used” or antique style card front, they look worn and well used. But, when performing with them the response from the audience is positive and they are always remarking on the cards themselves. To bring the past to the present use 1900’s they are well worth the price and the responses.

Next Spellbound
John Abuso
Spellbound Plus

This project presents considerably more eye candy than my current spellbound routine. More practice will be needed to make it smooth, but well worth the effort.

Jeskey Shane Evora


Can I go beyond 5 stars?

Purely put Hydra is hands down one of the reasons I am able to be a working pro. It gets me so many gigs.
We all know magic apps can go extinct after a number of years, but I pray to every magic god that it will be available a long long time yet!!

Shameer is a genius and his service via the fb group is awesome.

Thanks again

Incredible Poster!!!

I love it! Very Nice Design. Working my way through it

Killer Bees
Guram Andghuladze
Killer Bees

Elegance and minimalism in one package. One of my favorite decks, durable and playable.
Conversation starter? Nah, conversation finalizer :)

Inside the Vault
Samiel Tonelli
Inside The Vault

I would highly recommend getting Inside the vault if you want to upgrade your card magic skills. Dani teaches you amazing magic and the psychology on how to influence choices. It’s amazing! The only thing is it is more for advanced magicians than beginners.

gomis negrillo juan


Slim Mzali

Amazing! I managed to learn it and do it right away.

Marbles II
Janis Joksts
Marbles II

Amazing deck. Love it. Finally got my hand on it and I am happy. Awesome design.