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Original Rounders
Jeremy Nelson
Nice cards.

A simple elegant deck with a great feel.

Red Cohorts v2
Nicholas Tangredi
My everyday carry

I absolutely love these cards. They feel amazing. They're durable and have a great marking system. I have them in red and blue!

Worth your money

Very simple and easy to perform, great effect.

Elegant and Clean

Very clean looking deck that handles nicely as well. Not a huge fan of the jokers, but the rest of the design looks great.

Hermes Wallet
Dave F Montes
Addition to my last review of the Hermès Wallet.

In my last review, I stated how great the wallet it and it is, but…..I forgot to mention, what else you get! You also receive so much information, nit only how to use the wallet, but also magic teachings of moves and routines. Spider also gives lessons on how to perform cold readings. The information you receive is worth the cost. This make the Hermès wallet a great by for amateur magicians also. Great, great, great product. Plus, Quiver sells great and quality products.

Create Magic
Raymond Eden
Interactive destructive Creativity

As a bibliophile, this book was a real challenge. I mean, when have you ever been asked to destroy a book in the pursuit of creativity before? This book requires you to do just that!

The exercises are very effective and offer great formulas for creating. Anyone who desires to create original magic will find these pages worth the work and the destruction.

Maybe buy two. One for your bookshelf and one to destroy.

Good version of CTG

While there are several versions of CTG in the market this one is quite okay as this is almost (coz you have to prepare something beforehand) impromptu as you can get. Also 4 stars because it is angle sensitive, like too sensitive that you have to be at least be good in audience management and very confident to perform it.

Kurtis Brough
Great product

Well made.
Easy to use
Simple gimmick
Simple and easy instructional video
Looks great in person or on video
Can also be an actual lighter.

caleb ong
minor flaws to the trick

Checksum is a pretty ingenious trick and with a very quick and simple set-up. However, certain flaws within the trick itself could make the trick problematic.
One is that the audience member cannot afford to type wrongly and reset the calculator. Sure it could be circumvented but not always.
Another flaw is that the AC button on the calculator becomes a C if there is prior input into the calculator, hence, a very sharp audience could pick up on it.
Another small issue is that it doesnt work on most(?) android devices since the calculator app could be different.
Overall, this trick has still given me great reactions and is pretty fun to perform. And with great audience management, most of the issues above can be avoided,

Red Cohorts v2
Ryan Moloney
Nice cards

The cards look great and feel better. The little trick symbols have stunned my friends

Magic Jam Notebook
Caleb Salinas
Magic jam notebook and cards

Interesting little journal, it's nice to have around if any ideas come to mind. It is also compact and very portable. I want to say as well the E7 stock that is on most of the playing cards are amazing, great products dudes!!!!

An amazing kit

Still learning my way through it all, but the anticipation is killing me. I want to just jump from item to item, everything is well crafted and I love the videos they use to teach.

bryce oxley

This is by far one of my favorite tricks. It has become one of my everyday carries. The reactions are pure, it is so easy to use and completely deceitful. I have came up with two routines outside of the tutorial as well. Well worth what's asked of it and beyond!

Quiver Plus
Mark C
Quiver Plus

Great prop wallet. Even my 10 year old has gotten the hang of it! The only reason its not 5 stars is that the stitching on one side is slightly lower than the edge and therefore gives a slight indication of a hidden compartment.

Very good sessions from a professional opportunist

I saw James few years ago in Lyon, for an unforgetable workshop about magic and pickpocketing, misdirection was clearly in the centre of the week-end. Was so great. This sessions are very good and remember me the workshop. Theory, pratical advices, very good vision, all you need go be confident and understand the spirit of misdirection. When we know the work of James Brown, its just pleasure. Very valuable.


I’m obsessed with this notebook! I originally thought it was gonna be bigger, but this pocket size is perfect for carrying around. I’ll definitely use this in the future!

Bicycle 1900

I sent these to an old friend I used to play cards with while we roommates in college. He was beyond excited to add to his collection! High quality cards that anyone would be happy to use. With their vintage look and crisp feel… I might have to purchase another deck for myself!!

Hermes Wallet
Noah Fay

Let’s be honest. Most all in one wallets are bulky and suck. Not this one. The Hermes wallet is slim and sleek and does everything you need it to. Used it for my past 5 gigs. Runs smooth

eric goldstein
Diverter is a great effect

I have used this effect numerous times and receive great responses; I highly recommend it

Crazy Mans Penetrations
Zachary Aminoff
Crazy visual!

The most visual effect I’ve ever seen! This needs to be in every magicians repertoire!


Not a magician, not even close. However, 2 tricks I learned using this absolutely wowed my wife and friends. Absolutely worth the cost.

Bicycle 1900 - Blue
Leonardo Fornazier

Bicycle 1900 - Blue

Create Magic
Adam Ferrante

This is certainly not your average book. It forces you to think and it gets your creativity rolling! Not too many books like this out there that I know of, so don't sleep on this one!

Mystery Deck
Robert Campbell
Who doesn't love a good mystery

Loved my mystery deck! It has actually become one of my favorite decks to play with. Looking Forward to next months mystery deck, also this would make a super cool monthly subscription option, or even a great upgrade to Magic Stream! Great job guys!

Makes a great gift for a fellow magician.

This is a great gift for the magician in your life.

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