Kieron Johnson

 Produce a block of ice from anywhere... Turn scorching flames into a frozen block of ice in their hands. 
Element is a jam packed two-volume masterpiece crafted by one of Britain’s most prevalent working magicians. 

Produce a block of ice from anywhere...

Turn scorching flames into a frozen block of ice in their hands.

Element is a jam packed two-volume masterpiece crafted by one of Britain’s most prevalent working magicians. Element includes a revolutionary precision gimmick, handmade in the UK. 

Element began with one man and his obsession with superheroes. Kieron Johnson dared to dream that he could have real life super powers. Those dreams became reality 5 years ago

What Kieron discovered was a devious blend of secrets and science that allows you to discreetly carry solid blocks of ice on you for hours at a time. Ready to be produced at a moment's notice.

But just figuring out the science wasn’t enough, it took years of performances and refinement to turn this from a trick into a miracle. That knowledge of experience is what you’ll also be learning in Element.

Here’s what' you get

Volume 1 - With Volume 1 you’ll receive the luxury handmade Element gimmick. Plus you’ll get access to over 1 hour of live performances and tuition from Kieron Johnson. Including, the signature effect from Element.

You’ll learn how to:

Element Production - Turn fire into Ice in their hands. Fuse a borrowed coin into a frozen block of ice.

Card in ice - A chosen card is taken (and they can change their mind), a corner is torn off to keep as a receipt. The remainder of the card vanishes and is found in a popsicle!

A lifetime of tips and tricks for real world performing.
How to prepare for your performances.
A sleeving and flash paper masterclass.
Bonus: A load of mini bonus effects scattered throughout.

Volume 2 - This is where it gets fun. With over 1 hour of video instructions, Kieron shares some of his signature tricks that get the wild reactions that you see in the trailer.

Lollipop 2.0 - A prediction is placed on the table. Your audience chooses the word ‘lollipop’ with incredible fairness. The prediction bursts into flames becoming a real lollipop. To tip them over the edge… the entire deck turns into lollipops!
Card in Candy Bar - Your audience chooses a card and really can change their mind. A corner is torn from their card and given to them as a receipt. The card is vanished (or in Kieron's case eaten!) and found in a candy bar that’s been in their possession since the beginning!
Card in Orange - An exciting new method for the classic card in orange that made Adam ‘The Worker’ Wilbers jaw drop! Now you can practically do this effect without having to worry about hours of set up. 1 minute and you’re ready to astound.
Flame - Control fire with your body. Take fire and hold it at your fingertips. A click of the fingers and it’s gone.
Bonus: Visually melt a Lollipop (Sucker) through borrowed bill. Then restore the hole in their bill!

Element Volume 1 & 2

- Over 2 hours of performances & explanations - Luxury precision gimmick handmade by JM Authentics
- 6 incredible magic tricks
- Years of experienced shared
...Plus bonus tricks taught throughout.

Format: Volume 1 (Shippable gimmick & download), volume 2 (just a download, no gimmick)
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate
Duration: Over 2 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Impossible Objects

By far one of the best utility devices in Magic I’ve bought the possibilities are endless.

Daniel Meza
The extras are pretty good

The extras are quite amazing small tricks you can perform. Definitely worth the money. If you are a beginner consider buying this.

CJ Baez
Excellent quality and keeps temperature for over 2 hours

I first was undecided to buy this gimmick, because I thought I could make it myself. Boy was I wrong! There was a lot of research to get to the final result and the combination of materials is just perfect for keeping temperature for a long time and keeping you dry while you are at it. Also, it is very lightweight, small, and easy to carry. You could carry it everywhere if you wanted to, provided you have a jacket or pockets big enough. This is a miracle waiting to happen. The real magic, that would make a name for yourself. And so incredibly easy to do. It's so strong you could end with, but also interesting enough to start with, and set the mood for a "different" magical experience. I love this thing to death. Thanks to everyone that made this happen! You rock!

Kurtis Brough
Better than I thought

This is really good. Well made gimmick
But the bonus tricks makes it worth buying.
I’m glad I brought it. Can’t wait to start using it.

Pablo Roji
Super fast delivery!!

I love shopping at Ellusionist, great Magic, great costomer service, and super fast delivery!!

Awesome product!!

It’s pretty much what I thought it would be, but the instructional videos are super good, and well worth it alone. Device is solid, n well made. Card in candy is a laymen slayer too heh. Highly recommend!


probably the best magic trick I have bought on Ellusionist, it is a real one on one MASTER CLASS with KIERON JOHNSON he really gives you enough magic performances(effects) for a whole gig or party. it is such a genius effect that is so easy to perform. totally worth the price. really enjoyed the explanations. Kieron is a really special man and i have learned allot from this download of his.
would love to see new magic tricks from KIERON JOHNSON on Ellusionist. what are you waiting for? order it already!!!


Excellent gets absolutely amazing reactions love the extras as well. Worth every penny.

Ryan K

Awesome. Left every one with their jaws wide open.
Slow to get the gimmick.

Flashy Cool Superhero Magic

Very good product all along from Kieron Johnson.
His material looks likes like what you see superheroes do.
Great utilities.

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