JT Chalatsis

The problem with all sponge ball magic is that it happens in a closed fist.

For the first time, BALLER destroys conventions and allows the vanish to be instant and open.

Effortless visuals with nothing to hide.

A revolutionary sponge ball gimmick has emerged.

Visibly pass sponge balls through:

• Tables
• Windows
• Their hands
• Anything!



"My mind is racing with possibilities - I can't wait to play with this." - Wayne Houchin



The BALLER VANISH is what classic sponge ball magic has been waiting for.

Each gimmick is hand-made to ensure quality and precision. 

Make Sponge Balls Great Again!

Get BALLER immediately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This Gimmick is one of the best purchases I have made! Its so easy and fools the pants of of people! I use it for a routine I do at kids party's and they love it!


WOW!!! I never thought I would find something else to improve my sponge ball magic, but I thought wrong. This is a great new was to perform sponge ball magic. Going to be using this more often now.


I have been working with sponge balls for quite some time and this product is what I wanted. John Chalatsis with this great idea takes the sponge balls and your routines and puts it on a whole new level! I highly recommend it!


Nowadays it doesn't it seem like EVERY new release is a GAME CHANGER? Makes you wonder what game they are playing,.

BALLER is ABSOLUTELY a game changer. It adds visual impact to one of the most ubiquitous of effects. Like coffee in tea bags ... everyone will be smacking their heads saying why didn't I think of this?

So much fun ... I was using it after a few minutes. You will love this.

If you EVER use sponge balls stop reading this ... and get BALLERS before it is sold out. And it WILL sell out.

JT Chalatsis. Kudos. This will send ripples throughout the art of magic. Thank you.


First, I'll start with negatives.

1. There really aren't any routines shown. Everything that is taught is one or two uses for the gimmick in sequence, but that is all. There are a few different individual vanishes or Productions, so to speak, but again, a full routine is not shown anywhere in the video. So, be prepared that you will be taught a few of these vanishes but not any routine at length. Frankly, you don't learn too much that you probably couldn't figure out on your own.
2. Its expensive for what it is. Especially because you could make the gimmick yourself once you see it, and as mentioned, the instruction is lacking. If you can get it on sale for the $15 price, worth it. Otherwise, think really hard and see if you can make it on your own.

1. The gimmick is awesome. It's similar to a gimmick used for coins and maybe some other things, and now its finally done with spongeballs. It definitely opens up new dimensions in the spongeball world.

2. Visual and fairly simple. It's what you want in a gimmick. And it's awesome that you can make more on your own.

Overall, video 2.5/5 and gimmick 5/5.

Also, JT loves his gimmick, which I love that he loves his product.

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