Bicycle Blue Legacy Masters

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Ellusionist has revived the famed Blue Bicycle Masters that we know and love

There's something comforting about familiarity. We use the same toothpaste every day, eat the same meals each week and drive the same brand of car for up to a decade. Some live by the rule "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

This goes further, as magicians, many of us use the same Bicycle Rider Back deck for all of our magic. We refuse to change.

However, that brings in a new problem. If we never make a change, how can we experience something better?

That's where the Bicycle Legacy Masters come in.

In 2009, Ellusionist debuted a new stock from USPCC on the traditional 'Bicycle Rider Back' design. It was better but still looked the same... We called them MASTERS.

The design was indistinguishable from a standard Bicycle Rider deck, but the feel - oh the feel was to die for. As we write this now, the sweet smell of nostalgia is filling the air. We remember the exact 'crack' as the tuck case was rushed open to get at those cards... Some of us only put them down to eat or visit the bathroom.

Back then, our goal was sustainability, not feel. Today, the new Bicycle Legacy Masters achieves both.

These cards are like a finely aged wine. You'd never know by just looking it at, it looks the same as any other bottle - or in this example, a standard $3 Costco deck, but in both cases, it's all in the experience.

The all-American stock is crushed to perfection. The process increases density. Same fibers, just compacted. This gives a thin, but durable card stock for die-hards and workers. You'll quit before the deck does.

Each tuck is lovingly updated with a proud American eagle and metallic gold-ink accents to hint at its premium pedigree. While the faces are improved, they've been specifically designed to have minimal changes... for good reason.

Initially, big changes make a big difference, but as the number of changes goes up, the effectiveness of those changes is decreased. We've focused on only the important things. Inside-tuck printing is out, embossing is out. Those aren't the things that matter in a deck like this and they add the most cost. A front-line deck benefits the most from feel, so that's exactly where we put our attention.

Legacy Masters are the same Blue Rider Back design you know and love, but better.

Get your Blue Bicycle Legacy Masters TODAY.

Customer Reviews

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Dustin Ackley
Legacy Masters Blue

This is a nice deck, I got it with the red and they are both great. Nice weight and feel, shuffle well and awesome look that is traditional with a modern feel. Would definitely recommend.

Yevhenii Havryliuk
Super cards!

It's just excellent cards! I amazed with how good they feels! Definetely one of the best cards!

First time buying

I really like these cards. They're just as good as the red ones, but I've always liked blue better.

Dylan Donahue

Great cards for a great price

Nikolaus Brock
Good quality

The quality was very good. I am very satisfied

Great cards

Exactly what they describe. Blue bikes, but better. The blue is lighter than normal rider backs.

Geoffrey Campbell

As the name suggests, this deck is a master series. The feel, performance, elegance and quality is everything you would expect. 10/10