Dan Hauss
You unscrew the plain white cap off your water bottle and put a coin under the bottle cap. You take a step back from the table so there's no way you can get near the cap or the coin.

Your friend now shakes the cap and definitely HEARS and FEELS the coin RATTLE inside.

And without you touching ANYTHING she shakes the cap again...and the RATTLING suddenly STOPS! Just stunning empty SILENCE.

She looks under the cap...the coin has VANISHED! The empty cap can be closely examined. No coin, no rattle sound, nothing. Just an innocent plastic bottle cap and you've been standing away from everything the entire time!

You can then place a glass under the table..."CLINK"... and the coin drops through the table into the glass! OR...the vanished coin appears under a second empty cap that's been held by someone else! (Dan's ingenious gimmick does the work for you).

You Have Options!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
sean bennett

very impressive gimmick even to the magician

Hudson Hufham

The gimmick is very very hard to see that it is there. I tried to figure this thing out for 2 days and then it hit me what I was supposed to do and it was SO simple and easy to use. Recommended..

Jake Miller

I had very high expectations for this product. I was expecting this to be very very good, and deliver me with a new miracle with a bottle cap, or two bottle caps. This met my expectations, and even far exceded them. This is an amazing effect. The gimmicks are extremely well made and are 100% examinable. The effects are great and the dvd is awesome. ADD TO CART

Michael Boone
Very Clever!!

Well made gimmicks and an easy to follow DVD. Real easy to learn. Showed it to my wife first, my biggest critic, and got "Ok how the heck did you do that!" Loving this trick and the reactions I get.

Ryan H
it was so clever I thought mine was defective

When I first received the product I thought my caps were defective. I looked and looked to see if I could find out how it worked but to no avail. I was just about to send rattled back when I finally played the DVD.

Wow, I've owned many clever tricks but this one is SOOO deceptive!

Love it, should have purchased it earlier.

kc navarro
simple yet magical

rattled is genius......simple but yet amazing. you will always get good responses to this trick. a must have.

Sam Corfield
This is the new line for magic!

From the second i watched the DVD, I was astonished at how this works, how well the gimmicks are made and the reactions, don't even get me started, they are incredible! If you want reactions, this is the trick!

The DVD production wasn't as good as i had wanted it to, but none the less was still good quality. The amount of content on the DVd was more than i expected, which was great. I love how the gimmicks are completely examinable, no one has come close to finding how this trick works.

For my friends at school, i perform stuff to them all the time, usuall they can figure things out, but when i showed them Ratted a week ago, they still can't figure it out, I was in love!

Go and buy Rattled right now, you will not be dissapointed!

William Appleton
Great, I am using this

This is a great idea and the quality is good. Some times I like a trick but dont actually use it. In this case I have already used rattled and think that I will include this one for many years to come. The marked coin through the table is a great version.

Paul Anfuso
Great trick, easy.

It's the same story every time I do this. Easy to do, the reactions are always great, no one can figure it out. Having 2 caps is great, After I due the trick once, people always want to see it again. At first I say "I can't do it again". Then I place the used cap in my bag, but right away, bring out the other cap within a few seconds. Then I show it again, this is a real show stunner.

Nagy Peter
packs small, plays big

Best trick in 2011!
The spectators are blown away, it is easy to do, the gimmicks are high quality, and the DVD covers a bunch of great routines and ideas. And the best, that it can easily fit your pocket, and you can even set/reset the trick in front of the spectators without them knowing it.
6 stars!

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